Mr. Andy Barksdale, Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of LPL Financial Services,¬†presented ‚ÄúCEO of Me, Inc.‚ÄĚ to students in the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia as part of the 2011 Terry Talks Speaker Series. ¬†He has become a successor in his¬†professionalism¬†with his work at LPL, which¬†is the largest U.S. provider of investment and insurance services to independent financial advisors and financial institutions. ¬†His speech grabbed attendees attentions quickly and willfully:

“The age of our children skyping their friends and family have come about. ¬†¬†Things such as Juicy Couture¬†have become more important to them.¬† Emotional words are now what describe brands, emotional gut, and unique personal branding that create what you need to develop for your business and yourself.¬† Your own personal branding that is…”

The history of Branding is something that is fascinating. ¬†Cows were differentiated by the brands they¬†received. ¬†Brands aren’t build by their logo, jingle, style guide, or product. ¬†Every brand needs its own Style Guide-how, where, and when you can use a brand.¬† Consumers listen more to voices of fellow consumers through Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

“Capturing heart and gaining¬†commitment is like a romantic relationship.” -Scott Talgo, Brand Strategist

Be attuned to customer relationships and not be afraid to evolve and reinvent.¬† Packaging,¬† products, and services are all important to integrate in the development of a brand’s story.¬† These all need to integratively evolve too.¬† Adjectives that describes you personal brand are great ways to identify your brand. ¬†Brandweek¬†has always been a great source for branding, marketing, public relations, advertising, consistency, and clarity. ¬†Looking to them for trending brands that deliver.

Top 5 Aspects to Succesful Brand

  1. Relevance-makes sense
  2. Creative Design-look matches brand identity
  3. Message and communication-be consistent and talk the talk.
  4. Understand target market for brand-know who you are talking to.
  5. Consistency-quality you say, touch, and do.

‚ÄúPosition yourself or others will position you.‚ÄĚ

Brand clarity is the most important aspect of your brand.  Your personal brand should collaborate, validate, and cultivate people.  Your brand identity should tell what you stand for and how to leverage your equity beyond your functional skills.  What you know and who you know is important.  15 words should be enough to describe your brand.  Brand Litmus Test is also another great tool.  Finally, everyone will have failures along their trials in tribulations.  Yet, a great brand is a brand who persists through C.R.A.P (criticism, rejection, a-holes, and pressure).

Final Thoughts:

“The more choice of your brand, the more important your brand will be.”


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