Having a global strategy is important in today’s economy.¬† Thomas Bonaventura, Kim Williams, and Elida Ruiz of Credigy lead a discussion for students sponsored by the International Business Society at the University of Georgia regarding working in international markets. ¬† Credigy is a purchaser and manager of distressed assets with operations in the United States and Brazil. ¬†They specialize in the acquisition and servicing of distressed receivables through the entire recovery lifecycle. Credigy is an industry leader both in the US and Brazilian markets, with a commitment to honoring best practices in all areas of business.

As seen in current global trends today, South America is one that is expected to exponentially grow towards the future—especially in the consumer credit card industry.¬† Credigy has been succesful in thriving in this demanding environment through its portfolios.¬† Yet, the tough markets for them to tap into have been healthcare and Canada.¬† Credigy deals heavily with situational issues or investing with someone already in market diversification. Kim Williams, Director of HR at Credigy Solutions Inc,¬†showed a presentation with enhancing visual diagrams of Credigy’s total collections and pricing strategies that analytically showed students how to handle and deal with international economies.

This total collections diagram was composed of purchase price of seller, cost to collect, funding cost, and profit.  The price diagram showed strategy, liquidation (asset benchmarking), cost, irr strategy, cost of capital, underwrite life, and residual interests.  Operational risk was stressed to be leveraged through litigation as an important factor to take away.  New market and new asset classes should always be analyzed for future growth.

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Like many others in globalization growth, Credigy understands that Sao Paulo, Brazil is a huge international market.  Brazil has become the 8 biggest economy in the world and seeks to reach in the top 5 by 2015.  Credigy uses an operational strategy in the fact that Brazil is a young credit industry.  Credigy has also found that international job markets are easierly found in smaller local markets.  Credigy continues to grow in a demanding environment and looks to develop the future leaders of tomorrow.

Final Thoughts:

“In international markets, it is important to keep¬†ideas simple.”


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