So you’ve dealt with your load of e-mails on Monday.  By Tuesday you should be caught up and getting some things done at work.  Maybe you’ve landed a big sale or developed your network this week well by Wednesday. You don’t know what Thursday will bring, but then you see circled on your calendar that it is Terry Third Thursday with Greg McGarity, Director of Athletics at the University of Georgia. Wake up at 7 a.m. to hear a speaker in Atlanta traffic?  If you don’t go you wouldn’t really miss anything, but if you did, you would gain more knowledge from a wise man’s life then you’ll gain all week in your ever so “busy” life.

Being in the shadows looking in the background showed me the “adjustment” I needed to be taking for myself as an aspiring professional businessman. Leadership, impact roles, and what’s best for organization are what organizations are looking for. Greg McGarity stressed “The hope for today Bible,” and the need for service leadership.  There can sometimes be loneliness at top and that why sometimes even the biggest person needs to rely on calling others for help of the portrayal of a strong department.

“We’re all just trying to grab a piece of the pie.”

The University of Georgia Athletic department has had great events such as the UGA days with Athletics and Alumni Association together.  Athletics windows grow a door for prosperity when properly aligned.  An Ex-Baxter Street Boy himself, Greg stressed the 8 people that had brought him to his winning successes through his challenging years.

He mentioned how the former president Bush was always authentic.  How Bush’s kindness to the Billy Graham library and how he been at the funeral for Ronald Reagan.  He said he learned:

“Kindness, courage, story, decency, and laughter.”

He mentioned the stories of Georgia pins and relationships with his fellow friend Dr. Edwards.  “Always speak up.”  His chanting of Michael Adams-“Better be on.”  Don’t forget Dan Kathy too who can handle any College Athletic problem.  Lee Hayley always stressed the healthy confrotation too.  Finally he spoke highly of the professionalism of Ben Stein and Dan Mogle.

“There is a right and wrong way to communicate.”

With a man that has to deal with budgeting a 90 million account for the UGA Athletic Association, positive publicity is a key component.  He achieves this by doing the right thing and does the right things even when no one is watching.  His emphasis has been on the campus and the facilities.  His interaction with the students, athletics, and patience are what has made the UGA athletic teams as a proving ground in the SEC.

Final Thought:

“Life lived to help others is the only one lived.”

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