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Laura Pettus, Sr. Marketing Activation Manager at Coca-Cola Co., is a woman with a great heart.  Her Terry Talk with the students was innovative and good feeling.  Coca-cola is an aspiring brand that took Laura a great time to achieve to be a part of.  She went back to advertising, journalism school, agencies, and different industries to give herself as an aspiring strategist to be in an array of experiences.

Laura defined Marketing Strategy intelligently as executing a plan.  Finance and Accounting are also important in your strategy to be well rounded.  Corporate international management strategy can be very involved.  It is important in determining objectives, executing sponsorships, and initiating affiliate programs.  Advertising funds can help us to show the importance of better understanding customers.  Customer marketing is best sold through personal selling.  Coca-cola is constantly questioning their business on how to activate local marketing assets.  March Madness, NASCAR, Olympics, the sprite slam dunk contest, FIFA, movies, and the American Music Awards have all be great successes for Coca-Cola.

However, the Agency client side is more crucial now than ever.¬† What strategy links the brand to sponsorships? ¬†The media landscape is a very different beast today than it was even 5 years ago. Then agency-led television commercials dominated how we channel our marketing. The very fact you are reading this here proves that things have changed. Coca-Cola has always been at the forefront of innovation. In this Coca-Cola Content 2020 video Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company is the person responsible for leading global creative vision and strategy for the Company’s portfolio of global brands. In this video, he explains how Coke will leverage the opportunities in the new media landscape and transform one-way storytelling into dynamic storytelling hoping to add value and significance to peoples lives.

“Every contact point with a customer should tell an emotional story”.

Having the department for that allows making it easier to manage all aspects of your brands.  Your marketing strategy depends on who your targeted consumer is making the brand to life, attention to detail, management, creative, strategic, and creating a long-term relationships-and ultimately making the choice brand.  It is also important to use your celebration toolkit, what you can and should like.


Connections innovation, Cingular, Dream of the 90’s. Innovating connections. Coca-cola is the world’s most socially discussed brand. In 1969, you had the benches billboard that was a cultural segregation of Coca-Cola.¬† In 1973, Hilltop in Italy came to be.¬† In 2013, Small World Machine broke down the barrier and share the experience.¬† We are now in a collaborative story around brands.¬† The Hub-Listen was launched to listen, analyze, and engage and fans.¬† The Global Strenght, Awareness (70% in English) Predictions (Opportunity of engagement), Consistency (Access to the message), Standards (KPI’s/volcano velocity).¬† Listen and analyze knowing which one’s matter.¬† Knowing which ones matter for listening and analyzing is important.¬† Positive moments that are opportunities to engage.¬† We want to transform our customers into brand advocates from like to love.

The Coca-Coal journey is a media solution of 19,000 pieces of consent.¬† Wendy Clark and the Surge Movement.¬† There were petitions, emails, twitter and delivered via Amazon.¬† Direct distribution via real-time marketing at Surge.¬† Content is what inspires conversation.¬† To have a conversation Jonathan the CMO It’s more food to the pot-luck that is social.¬† 25-34 largest network #AMERICAISBEAUTIFUL.¬† Have the cultural conversation storyline.¬† You need to have socially seeded sentiment.¬† Haters hate.¬† A retweet is neutral, not influence.¬† Time is based on natural listening. Lovers like and leave. Force Multiplier and Classarket.

Final Thought:

‚ÄúBetter networking is¬†not just done by¬†finding people online.¬† It’s about making connections that help create long-term relationships.”


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