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News channels have become known as “Lame strame media.”¬† Yet, New Media can’t function without news.¬† But original news isn’t found online.¬† It is done by hard investigating and reporting.

The 3rd annual Peabody award is given to people for electronic media and is the oldest award in broadcasting.¬† Journalism, mass communication, the North Avenue Trade School, Wsp radio, National Association of Broadcasters, and radio have always been contributors of media channels for advertisers and stations alike. ¬†Scott Pelley of 60 minutes was there to present the award and talk about how the world consumes the news in today’s media.

Did you know that 60 minutes is the longest running program in crime television?¬† The feeling of real time audience is something that you don’t get in television.¬† Old school journalism, CBS-breaking, right, and what is fair for everyone involved is important to keep in mind. ¬†Actually, the CBS evening news has been better than all news cable viewers combined. ¬†Why? ¬†It’s because 60 minutes works overtime to deliver the content that makes their stories so meaningful.

Many people today are putting research and online organizations into aggregation, or the taking the word of news to others to put in an application.  However, The top 10 television programs are not as much aggregating as they are based on originality.  Why?

“Shoe-leather reporting” as Jeff Favor has come to say. ¬† “Don’t cover an issue, tell me a story.”

The real reporting is getting to the people that can find a story better than we can. ¬†Remember the old “acid test.” ¬†News reporters have to investigate day to day by old fashion-reporting, not aggregation.¬† What most people don’t understand about reporters is that they give a moment that someone risks their life in, to bring you the news.¬† The quality of news that 60 minutes brings is done by simple patience and dignity.¬†¬† There is so much that we don’t know and the world has all different mediums for distributing the news, but don’t forget the #1 rule of writing is always content.

“What really matters in how we consume news is not how we obtain it, but how people deliver to show what they are talking about.”

The questions that follow after a great lecture like this one were captivating and controversial. ¬†Hard reporting, investigating, act of civility, and meaningfulness are what matter really in today’s news media. ¬†Scott Pelley encourages honest debates, while compromising to get stuff done. ¬†The success of his reporting has been linked to his powerful and emotional stories.¬† For example, the story of the kids who were studying with candles and going to the car for light to study their schoolwork is just another example of the relationship building that 60 minutes “shoe-leather¬†reporting” does. ¬†The news should never be distracting people from the story.¬† Remember there are always two sides of every story and that it is important to not be bias. ¬†The news has opinions, or spins on trending business model works (fox, msnbc). ¬†The news and opinions must be separating. ¬†You can’t always believe what you read, but you can from brands like 60 minutes that you know you can trust.

Final Thoughts:

“If you like what you know, you don’t know enough.”

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