Blog or die, publish or perish.  Blog article writing is an essential element to getting found by customers and by Google.  Site visitors and search engines are looking for fresh, new content that is interesting.  Published optimized blogs are like an annuity – they will continue to attract your targets’ and search engine interest on into the future, regardless of business category.

However, the best blogs engage target customers to take action.  Did you know that less than 2% of visitors engage with a website?

“That leaves 98 to go.”

Fred Spring and Tom Telford, Co-founders of 98 To Go, created an inbound marketing agency that is cracking the code on what it takes to be found by the search engines, then nurture those online relationships, so that the researcher can gain trust and ultimately wants to buy. As Inbound Marketing gurus, they do a lot of their measurement using Hubspot 3.0 because it provides valuable measurements like marketing grader, unique visitors, traffic rank, indexed pages, linking domains, MozRank, and Facebook fans.  In their presentation at Digital Atlanta “Blogging Tips That Get Results,” they provided us with advanced tips on how to get the most of your blogging.

–>TIP 1: The Title is most important element of the blog post: First, Use a whiteboard for developing keywords and topics into title of blog post.  Then place keywords in the title and in blog post.  Make it sound natural and keep it interesting to attract readership.  Keyword phrases can be modified slightly in title to read more naturally, but the closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title – the better it is for Search Engine Optimization purposes.  Try to use Google keywords, long tail keywords and keep your blog title to 9 words or less for better refine searches.  Finally, ALL WORDS IN TITLE ARE CAPITALIZED, ALL WORDS.

–>TIP 2: Have your blog topic answer questions people are searching for: Is your topic for fun, growing business, or just to help other businesses?  Think about why your writing a post and who your audience is.  Developing blog titles, which answer questions or demonstrate practical advice by using specific information are the most compelling.  Use comparisons, percentages, numbers, and specific product info to gain attention.

–>TIP 3: “More blogging is mo betta”: Businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate over 5x more traffic than those that blog 4x per month.  Those that do blog also get 4x more leads than those that don’t blog.  A lot of people have trouble blogging consistently because of writers block or not enough time.  The best way to solve this problem is to set a publish schedule or to consider outsourcing by using guest bloggers and having co-workers lend a hand. Develop blog titles and topics in advance to secure best writers, enable revisions and allow for edits.

–>TIP 4: Host blogs on your website: Sub domain: ideal home for your blog is on a sub-domain of your main website.  A Website folder is a good alternative for putting your blog in a folder of your main website.

–>Tip 5: #Words per post: Good blog posts are suppose to be short and sweet.  However, through Fred and Tom’s findings, rich and useful 600 or more word posts enable better engagement influence for staying on a specific page longer.

–>TIP 6: Link building: By creating useful internal and external links, blogs can provide better educational experiences for users.  Have your links open to a new window and make sure the keyword your linking to a website contains the same keyword on that site.  Don’t forget to use both internal and external links.

–>TIP 7: Whenever possible, have call-to-actions: Offer related to content with a click on button, act now, order now, buy online today, click here, etc.

–>TIP 8: Use 2-3 related images in each post: Use Jpeg images and label them accordingly.  Name each file and alt text using same keyword.  Use keywords in the picture description.  Original photos are always the best.

–>TIP 9: Pleasing to eye: Keep your blog easy to read with images, video, and design principles.Use 7-10 keywords when you are tagging your blog posts.

–>Tip 10: Determination, results take time: Don’t expect your blog to become a success over night.  Consistent publishing and sharing across the 47 top social media networks can help gain attention. Share this is a great blog application for sharing your content too.

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