Because of the relatively low-cost entry into the market, ethnic newspapers are the largest medium in terms of number of vehicles (although they are far surpassed by the audiences of ethnic-oriented television). Most ethnic-targeted publications have experienced a significant circulation and advertising increases during the past decade, with the exception of the African American press. This decline can be attributed to the civil rights movement pushed mainstream media to begin more balanced coverage of the African American community, and the fact that it is easier for major newspapers to assimilate African Americans because there is no language barrier.

The Message: marketers must tailor their messages to specific target audiences, but they must also understand that subgroups exist within ethnicities. For example, when General Motors ran a Saturn commercial in Miami with a woman in a Mexican dress dancing in front of the Alamo, the Miami Hispanic community had little or no relevance to the commercial because the overwhelming majority of them are Cuban American.

The Product: products from abroad are being introduced into the United States because companies believe there is a ready-made U.S. market of Mexican immigrants who are already familiar with the brand. They have a duel strategy of appealing to the Hispanic market and at the same time building future sales through crossover purchases from the general population.

Research: for many years, reliable ethnic research did not exist but as more companies are spending more money into advertising, they have a lot invested into making sure that each dollar spent results in profitability among their target ethnic audience.

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