If you haven’t installed¬†Hootsuite or Tweetdeck yet, now‚Äôs the time to do it. ¬†If you’re going to use Twitter consistently, put yourself in the place of most potential by spending your time wisely.¬†Who are the people in your industry who you would love to meet? What about in other industries? Who do you admire? ¬†Follow those people on Twitter and reach out to them by retweeting their posts or engaging them in a conversation.¬†Adding your Twitter information to your marketing materials, store signage, and invoices.¬†Food trucks tweet their location each day so customers know where to find them. How can you do something similar?

  • SocialOomph: Social Oomph allows you to automatically follow those who follow you and allows you to send direct messages automatically to new followers. Though this is essentially a Twitter tool, it works with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms as well.
  • Backtweets: A tool dedicated solely to Twitter, BackTweets provides reach and impressions stats, alerts you whenever someone tweets a link to your website, identiÔ¨Āes inÔ¨āuencers and integrates with Google Analytics to see how the Twitter activity is affecting your¬†website trafÔ¨Āc.
  • BrandChirp: This service makes it easy to Ô¨Ānd the people you should be following. You¬†can search for new followers by location, who they are following and keywords that they have recently tweeted about.
  • Buffer: Have you seen the Buffer sharing tool at the bottom of the 60 Second Marketer¬†blog posts? Their tool allows you to schedule Tweets far out in advance. So, if you do a¬†lot of your reading in the morning, but want to share with your followers throughout the¬†day, you‚Äôd schedule your Tweets using Buffer.


Niagara University professor Dr. Mustafa Gökçek, @NUHIS199, is teaching history by tweeting 90 major chronological events that happened between 1945 and 2005, including a link for each so students can learn more. Students follow the Twitter account and develop a poster presentation about what they’ve learned from the process.  Students are excited about learning outside of textbooks using technology they’ve already adopted.

Has been used for a more productive and time efficient manner. ¬†Yet, twitter isn’t always happily tweetful. ¬†Nuances for Twitter inlcude communications channels, terminology, revised profiles, best practices, implementing Twitter, individual twitter marketing, brand twitter marketing, sts tags twitter conversation streams, and even more online etiquette. ¬†Just like Facebook, Twitter has its do‚Äôs and don‚Äôts. ¬†It can easily be integrated with LinkedIn and Facebook though which make this social media make you wanna follow. ¬†Twitter is a one-to-one customer and prospect¬†engagement tool, while Facebook is a powerful community manager. The two sites require¬†very different strategies in order to leverage them most¬†effectively

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