How does your charity support the Atlanta community?

The Latin American Association helps Latino immigrants achieve self-sufficiency, put down roots, build a better life for themselves and their families, and contribute to a more integrated Atlanta community.  Established in 1972, we are the leading service provider for Latino families in Atlanta, offering a range of programs that help immigrants with solutions to address their basic needs and provide them with the information and skills necessary to achieve their fullest potential. We aim to increase family stability, build skills, promote the development of Latino individuals, families and youth, and create life-defining experiences that change lives.

What would your charity do with a $25,000 LUV Grant?

Latino immigrants are particularly hurt by economic downturns with their employment heavily in industries that are the first to suffer and the last to recover.  Immigrants face additional challenges including language barriers, limited skills and education, separation from their families, and difficulties navigating U.S. systems.  The LUV grant would help provide vulnerable families with a continuum of services to meet their urgent needs and place them on the road to self-sufficiency.  These services include emergency assistance (rent/utility assistance, food, clothing), longer-term support, employment and job training services, English classes, and connections to health and other community services.

Why should your organization receive a $25,000 LUV Grant?

Latinos are the fastest growing population in Georgia nearly doubling in size over the past 10 years.  Serving 52,000 individuals each year, the LAA is the largest bilingual, bicultural organization in Atlanta dedicated exclusively to the Latino community. We have earned the trust of Latino families and individuals, and they depend on us for resources and support.  We understand the underlying factors for each family’s circumstance, allowing us to innovatively partner with them to resolve their issues. Our holistic approach to providing effective programs empowers Latino families to achieve stability, independence, and their dreams of a brighter future.

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