“For the love of marketing.”  The love of connecting, sharing, and expressing the values that makes our society better in this new digital world.  Hubspot’s Marketing forms their vision around this and has inspired me to write contextually the story of my experience and the people I met at #INBOUND12.

As an evolving marketing professional, I always find myself downloading Hubspot’s next informative eBook or reading a post from their award winning blog because they are truly a company devoted to creating marketing that people love.  One day, I decided to do some proactive marketing by tweeting Amanda Sibley on an eBook she had written called “How to Attract Customers With Facebook.”  She promptly replied and thanked me for the response to her eBook.  Before I knew it, an email came chiming in from the sales team at Hubspot via Jennifer Gebbie.  She had been passed along my name from the marketing team not only as a potential prospect, but also as someone that they would like to “surprise” and “delight” by sending a free pass to the world’s largest inbound marketing conference in Boston called Inbound Conference.

Wow!  Over 2,800 marketing professionals with the likes of Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Hootsuite, and a bunch of other sponsors on hand.  This showed me the love for marketing that Hubspot really has.  They had listened to what I had to say, followed up to start building a relationship, and replied by providing me with an incentive–what any great marketer does.  To this day I still don’t know why Jen decided to offer me a free pass to an event like this, but I would like to think it was because they knew I loved marketing.

Fast forward two weeks later and I found myself smack dab in Beantown with a fresh lobster roll in hand eagerly awaiting the conference.  I had never been to Boston.  I had never been to a marketing conference.  Metaphorically, I was a young bird leaving the nest for the first time on a business trip.  With a DSLR camera, a notepad, and a freelance business card, I set out to on a journey to truly capture my experience at #INBOUND12 in a series of blog posts that come to follow…

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