Social Media Scientists like Dan Zarella are like unicorns and rainbows–they don’t really exist. However, I got the chance to catch a glimpse of Dan’s majestic knowledge of Inbound Marketing at #INBOUND12.  He’s spent a lot of time crunching the numbers to really show inbound marketers what works and doesn’t work.  In this speedy presentation, he cited useful statistics for better understanding the science of Inbound Marketing.  Check out these QUICK Tips and Tricks:


Tip 1: More slides in a Slideshare presentation leads to more views

Tip 2: Most people tweet a presentation/blog that is relevant and for sharing purposes


Tip 3:  The preferred way to read an Ebook is through a kindle and then a PDF

Tip 4: Ebook pages should be less than 5 or more than 100

Tip 5: People still prefer printed books for business related Ebooks

Tip 6: Ebooks recommendations are strongest from people we know or Amazon


Tip 7: The most linked title words are sports, breaking, and music

Tip 8: People click on search queries that are most relevant to their search in the  description

Landing Pages

Tip 9: Landing panges need to have a free incentive

Tip 10: Provide white papers with text and not select boxes

Tip 11: A “Click here” button is always better than a “Submit” button


Tip 12: Saturdays and Sundays get the most likes on Posts

Tip 13: Facebook post types that get the most likes are photos and statuses  

Tip 14: Facebook captions are most successful when they are under thirty characters

Tip 15: Always keep your Facebook posts sentiment positive to recieve more likes

Tip 16: The most popular linguistic content types for sharing are sex, positivity, learning, and media


Tip 11: When you actually say “Please Retweet” that gets 4x as many retweets.

Tip 12: 60-80% of links get retweeted

Tip 13: Spike of Retweets is 4-5 PM

Tip 14: Retweet people are the most savvy   

Tip 15: Use the Buffer app as a tool to see the time of day vs. retweet


Tip 16: The highest conversion rates are from paid, email, and then social.

Tip 17: Blogging affects purchases somewhat by people who read a blog more than once a day

Tip 18: Parentheses are always better than brackets

Tip 19: Pieces that have the word “Free” in the title have a higher conversion rate then those that don’t

Tip 20: Saturday and Sunday get the highest click through rates, but the best time of the day is 7-8AM.

These are just some of the tips and tricks to the science of Inbound Marketing.  What tricks have you learned?  For now, good luck at finding your unicorn at the end of the rainbow.


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