Launch and maintain: Promote site launch: Announce new site launch within 1 week of launch via email, social media, PR, blogs, other. Complete the style guide. Optimize site for search engines and Develop a maintenance plan for one a month completion. You will need to track Monitor logs and user paths and Measure success with Benchmark metrics. Ongoing usability testing: Run focus groups, collect survey data from current clients on the functionality of the website. Start Blog to create content. Implement Google Analytics for your website.

Optimize, Test, and Deliver: new site multi-browser compatible?  Use Do custom/user-friendly 404 pages exist? and Run site through a broken link checker.Set up and add sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. Check for common errors like grammar and misspellings. How about Shareability: Can users easily subscribe to content and easily share pages, photos, posts, etc?


Keywords: Typical content pages cover no more than one topic/keyword per page. Keywords are included within a well thought-out page title and page descriptions. Keywords are incorporated naturally throughout content and content is designed to match persona needs and overall value proposition. Calls to actions/offers focus on the topic specified in a page. Is there clear and meaningful use of keywords throughout the site? Does the content relate to your target audience?


–Check to see your site is indexed in all major search engines

–Are all of your important pages indexed?

–Confirm that you’re that your Robots.txt file(s) is set up properly.

–Resubmit yours .XML sitemap (s) via (Google and Bing) Webmaster tools about 1 week after launch.

–Add a public HTML sitemap (if you haven’t already)

–Benchmark metrics under Benjamin at the 1, 3, and 6-month markers

–Continue keyword research: Book: Brand Bible by Debbie Millman Sterling Design, Razorfish

  • Kickstarter

Trends in Website Design 2013

  • Need to use responsive to support all devices from laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and anything released in the future.
  • Retina images: Retina screens are basically twice as dense as an average LCD. So they are the same number of physical pixels, but digitally twice as many pixels can be fitted into the same physical space.  This means pixel-perfect web designers supporting retina devices will need to create two sets of Use of responsive web design tool is retina.js. This is a JavaScript library for automatically displaying @2x retina copies of the image whenever your user is browsing on a retina device.
  • Vertical Navigation
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Whitespace & Minimalism
  • Design portfolios may fill in large oversized typography leaving gaps for white space between headings and paragraphs
  • Natural design elements such as corners, box shadows, or background gradients with a flexible container using the only CSS3 to generate these effects
  • Big photographs are best used for displaying creative work such as illustrations, vectors, or your own photos to give a deeper connection to your visitors
  • Detailed Illustration
  • CSS Transparency: The new CSS3 properties have allowed for opacity edits on any web page element. This means you have control to generate transparency in any modern web browser – no Photoshop required!
  • Fixed header bars: Using the CSS position: fixed; property is a great way to staple a header bar onto your website. But aside from the aesthetics, this bar also provides an exceptional user experience without needing to look very far to navigate the website.
  • Newer browsers that support HTML5/CSS3 web standards
  • Graceful degradation
  • progressive enhancement
  • The release of more CSS frameworks has allowed web developers to chop down coding times and less HTML markup necessary to achieve the same results.  Means everything is more streamlined and often much smaller.  Smaller file sizes mean quicker loading times from server
  • Clean code: , ,
  • Choosing a WordPress Theme and Appropriate Plugins/Widgets: Piece of software for $18 to purchase off the shelf and, other than the licensing fee — assuming there are no unforeseen issues with installation/styling — we won’t need to add any scope to the project, the $300 we had budgeted to install/style the other software can be applied to this no problem:

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