LinkedIn¬†Ads¬†allow you to promote your company page through an ad campaign.¬†There’s not a ton of room to work with due to these ad limits, but you can still craft effective calls to action, branding, and visual impact. Remember to test your Ads! Try different pictures, headlines, and offers to depend on your goals.

  1. Ad Campaign Name:¬†Your ads in LinkedIn are grouped by Campaign so if you’ll be testing multiple targets and goals, you should name your campaign something relevant. There can be up to 15 ads in each Campaign.
  2. Ad Destination: Are you going to send them to a page on your website or one of your company pages on the social media network? This all comes down to what your goal is for advertising in the first place.
  3. Ad Copy & Image:¬†LinkedIn Ads allow you to have an¬†Image of¬†50×50 icon, at¬†LinkedIn Ad Title Headline Length of¬†25 characters, and a¬†LinkedIn Ad Body Description Length of¬†75 characters across two lines.


Narrow your target audience by filtering members by geography, company, title, group, gender, and age.¬† Now comes the fun part of social media advertising, figuring out whom to serve your ads to. Without delving into the specifics of the above-displayed options here are some suggestions on best practices.¬†Know who you’re looking to influence.¬†Are you trying to reach people early in the buying cycle or later? Reaching the right people with the right message is what you are after here. So know who makes the decisions and how those are processed in your target customer.¬†Job Titles – Ask!¬†Every organization seems to have a different naming system for the same role so while you’re searching for various positions are open to trying similar roles. You might be trying to target a role but it’s not called what you thought it was.¬†Targeting Groups with LinkedIn Direct Ads¬†is another tricky one as groups can be named all sorts of different things. You might want to try searching for group names based on job positions crossed with your target industry or Professional or Trade Associations that your audience might be members of the outside of LinkedIn might have a group here as well.¬†LinkedIn Audience Network Advertising¬†is your last option for targeting. It runs basically like any display/content network would and comes with the same pitfalls.


LinkedIn will set a Minimum CPC for each of your ads and the lowest is about $2.00. They also will give you a Suggested CPC Range that might be a good starting point for you. These vary wildly based on your targeting settings. There is a minimum daily budget requirement of $10 (~$300/month).

Millennials moving in Рvideo / messaging friendly Рmillennials are in a rough spot with unemployment and underemployment and need to build up their personal brand.  LinkedIn is one of the best spots on the planet with this, boasting 500 million+ users and every company in the Fortune 500 represented.  Watch this space closely for movers and shakers such as Michaela Alexis Manu Goswami String Nguyen Justin Wu Thomas Ma, Brand Amplifier, Mehak Vohra @Ishan Goeland much more. 3 РPersonal storytelling Рtext-based posts are still king.  Watch great folks such as Oleg Vishnepolsky and Josh Fechter telling their stories Рand tell yours!


People started to get serious about getting sales on LinkedIn in 2013. People need to have a LinkedIn Sales Checklist: 5 Ways to Rock Your Profile to Generate Leads [INFOGRAPHIC].  Networking on LinkedIn creates lead.  Make sure to create a guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking.


  • Inmail:¬†Allows you to send a message to any LinkedIn member, without an introduction.
  • Expanded Search tool Allows you to view full profiles that you are not connected to.¬† Have alerts to saved searches.
  • Profile stats pro:¬†See the expanded list of the titles, regions, and companies of people who have viewed your profile.
  • Premium Badge:¬†The Premium badge is featured prominently on your profile and next to your name in search results.
  • Open Link:¬†allows anyone on LinkedIn to send you a message for free, even if they are outside of your network.
  • *There are also upgrades such as a talent finder for¬†recruiters¬†and sales¬†lead generator¬†for sales teams

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