Pardot Implementation Guide

Marketing Automation

*E-mail is unique identifier in Pardot*

all prospects in pardot have a campaign, but they can only have one at a time

Nurture and Quality for sales

I. Dashboard

  • Assigned Prospects-assigned to a user
  • Tracking code will be cookie-visitor, reverse lookup on IP address
  • Visitors-what pages visited, where referral came from, anonymous
  • Active Visitors-more than 1 page visited
  • Identified VisitorsII.             Marketing

A. Automation

  1. Assigning to prospect-Sales rep A assignment
  2. Match type Propsect Form Field State is New York

Add reel prospect form contact me now form was completed successfully

  1. Actions assign prospect to user Sales Rep s
  1. II. Automation Rules-run continually; retroactive compared to segmentation

Always in pause, retroactive

  1. Drip Program-nurturing trip, choose time and list; allows correspondence to be sent to the prospects on a specific list at specific intervals based on time or prospect activities.  Use for ongoing marketing campaigns to nurture leads that may not be safe-ready.

Hard/Soft bounces

Filter-IP address/domain

Import-Manual prospecting

Security-New IP address must activate

B. Campaigns-1st touchpoint of AdWords campaign, only associate one campaign for each prospect

C. Content

D. Emails-have been set, scheduled or drafted.  E-mail wizard or template.

E. Forms

F. Landing Pages

G. Paid Search

H. Segmentation

I. Site Search

A. Segmentation-divide database into more managebale chunks

Only segmentation rules/content files; everything else in recycling bin

Lists-If in same list, only will appear in 1, internal, public list has a label, public is on landing page and put on email preference center

CSV Export

Audits-campaign changes, form field changes, drip program changes

Express-default fields, not custom


File-all, longer

  1. Label-public for prospect
  2. Segmentation Rules-only run once, if you click re-exute rule you can run the segmentation again

C. Tags-Internal organization, organically, more flexible than folders, aid in filtering information in the table, good for everyone that attended the tradeshow

Match-all including and

Match any-or

Name prospect from requesta demo form



CPO-Cost per opportunity


Label-Public/Private; what prospect sues, external

Segmentation-not ongoing

Rules: Prospect form field, Job Title is Vice President

Prospet from state is Georgia

Complete Activities

  1. Sent autoresponder e-mail
  2. Create Whitepapter down

Customer redirects-can’t put on linkedin page

Landing page-general website tracking

Layout type: use a layout template




Custom redirect-posting a link that may not be on your resume

Content-pdf, images



Text area

Vales-yes, no, yes is sign me up

1.From field Industry is Marketing

Criteria default Indusry matches

You can only duplicate email lists

e-mails-sent, scheduled or drafted

e-mial template-now or in the future, drip, auto responders, creating new emails to send

suppression list-not sending an email into someone already in your list

Name, campaing associates email internally, email type, multi-part with Graphical editor


Plug in icon of add this-share e-mail

III. Prospects-identified

prospect list




opportunities campaigns



prospective accounts-synch with

Need to undertand all icions

Form and visitor-prospect name shown

E-mail and visiro-prospect

Active prospects for review-new user, green man incon

Profiel Criteria: CRM system used, industry, location, job titleLists-segmentation

E-mail Preference Center-Prospects choose which list they want to be apart of

My prospects-assigned to you

Starred prospects

Active-haven’t bee to website

Reviewed prospects-internally

Unassigned prospects

Unsubscribed prospects-opted out of e-mail


Campaing-first touch point with website

  1. Activites
  2. Audits
  3. Emails
  4. Opportunities
  5. Campaign
  6. Searches
  7. Web


Quality leads by score and user

Score-how engaged with content, activity

Grade-how well fit person visitor—profile Criteria, matches more to change, information; Every prospects starts at D change through matching with thumbs up or thumbs down sign, grade is important in showing a client instead of a student/intern

Updates should be done by salesforce

Audits 60 days

Opportunities-need to sync with

prospect ACCOUNTS-GROUP Prospects, can sync with Salesforce

  1. IV.           Reports
  1. V.             Administration


Form Fields

Form field

  1. Name
  2. From Field Source Default Prospect Field
  3. Type Text
  4. Address-one
  5. Data Format-Text
  6. Label-would you like to receive our newsletters

Please complete form below to receive whitepaper

Different options

Use predefined values for options

Custom Field


Layout Templates

Recycle Bin


Users and Groups



Forms-standard/submit button

CPC model, quality-click rate and landing page

What completion action do you want when form is submitted

Html code-click on form-put on website

Landing page same as website, administration layout templates


CPO-Cost per…

Site Search Box-helps frame conversation for salesperson, how to market to target market


Multivariate-measures effectiveness of different landing pages

Paid search-Google Adwords

Active prospects-not assigned to user

Visitors-see the spent

Never active-never been to website

Campaign-Source of where she came into website, good for tradeshows

50-default score

Page view=+1

Form view=+3

Matches increase grade

Google Analytics connector


  1. Name
  2. Label name-would you like form field
  3. 4. Organization
  4. 5. To receive

Unsubscribe list on email template

Hard-invalid or email exist no longer exists

Companies such as RichRelevanceCertonaBaynote and Monetate all offer the ability to personalize information to specific visitors based on their behavior.

  • Specific: Increase revenue by 10%
  • Measurable: Use accounting program to measure revenue per month, quarter, year.
  • Actionable: Identify the social network best able to reach my target audience and post there 2x per week.
  • Relevant: Increased revenues are essential to business growth and profitability, therefore essential to a healthy balance sheet.
  • Time-Based: Increase revenue by an average of 1% per month, starting today.

Do you need Marketing Automation?

What is Marketing Automation?


Creating a new form with the form wizard lets you create a customized form in seconds. Forms are used on your website to collect information about visitors. For example, you may use a form on your Contact Us page, or require visitors to complete a form before doing a product test-drive.

Form handlers

allow you to manage the forms yourself and simply post the data to Pardot. This allows you to do any sort of customization that you would like in terms of the forms look and feel and still have Pardot provide the tracking and error. Connector

Connectors allow Pardot to sync with third party applications such as a CRM system, paid search platforms, or email marketing solution. Data can be passed back and forth between the two applications allowing a user to manage many formerly disparate marketing channels from within the Pardot interface. As an AppExchange certified solution, Pardot can sync with Professional Edition accounts or higher.

Pardot can hook into your Google AdWords account and track prospects that reach you through paid search. You can tie cost data from AdWords to opportunity data from your CRM to determine your true cost per qualified lead and search engine marketing ROI.

LeadDeck is a desktop application that allows your sales and marketing teams to get real-time alerts of visitor and prospect activity from their desktop. Results refresh every minute and when your visitors take action LeadDeck will pop-up small, unobtrusive notifications that users can click for more information. Connector

Pardot will automatically generate short links for landing pages, multivariate tests, and files. You will also see a reporting icon, which will display’s statistics on the URL when clicked.

Filters allow you to exclude certain types of visits, clicks, or other actions from your campaign results and email notifications. The most common use of this would be to filter out your own company’s IP address to avoid skewing results.

Filters will also hide activities from a filtered prospect’s profile.

Everything associated with the following objects will be filtered:

  • Visitors
  • Visits
  • Visitor Activities
  • Visitor Page Views
  • Email Clicks



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