Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for conversion because there are more than 3.2 billion email accounts today and it allows you to be highly personal. 91% of consumers check email once a day because they prefer email for marketing communications and email has a longer lifespan than social media.

To be successful at email marketing, you need to send the right content to the right person at the right time. Email marketing can be used for brand awareness, lead generation, lead to customer conversion, and customer retention. Use personalization in your emails to increase engagement and conversion. Take the time to optimize your emails. Take a look at the list to of how each email could have one specific goal:

Segmenting your contacts database increases engagement and deliverability and decreases unsubscribe rates. You can use segmented lists to trigger nurturing sequences to move leads further down the funnel. Segment to hit specific goals like increasing deliverability, greater customer retention, greater revenue, increased sales leads, better deliverability, lower opt-out/unsubscribe rates, greater email relevance, increasing engagement, increased open rates, and increasing reach. Here are ways you can segment:

  • Geographic segmentation: IP Area, Time Zone, Area Code, Address
  • Firmographic Segmentation: Company Size, Company Type, Industry
  • Role Segmentation: Department, Seniority, Function
  • Behavioral segmentation: Conversion events, email opens, page views.
  • Marketing intelligence: #of twitter follower, #facebook fans, website pages, technology, SEO search terms.

The Anatomy of a 5-Star Email is not as difficult as it looks. Here’s a guide for Optimizing Email Marketing for Conversions. You need to use 8 Little Tricks to Make Your Emails More Clickable and have 27 Ways to Slice & Dice Your Email List for Better Segmentation.


Awarness=Videos, blog posts, slideshares, free tools, ebooks/guides

Consideration=Webinars, case studies, faq sheets, whitepapers, 3rd party reveiws

Decision=Free trials, roi reports, product demos, consultations, estimates/quotes

Use actionable language in your emails with verbs in your in-text CTA’s and CTA buttons like Get your templates, Start Your project now, and reserve your seat. Let the lead know what they can do by clicking your emails-s in-text CTASs and CTA buttons. Fro example, Save Time, Generate more leads, and increase production efficiency by x amount.

Focus on benefits, not features in your email. For example, instantly see how connected you really are. In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Guidelines on Social Media segmentation
  • How to create behavior-based workflows
  • How to integrate social media with other marketing efforts


  • Delivery rates
  • Open rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Contact Churn
  • Hard/soft bounces
  • URL click popularity
  • Unsubscribes vs. email preferences changes
  • Social shares by channel
  • CTA click rate


  • Subject Line Optimization
  • Email Templates
  • Offers
  • Length
  • Images
  • Copy
  • CTA’s

Tools to Help You Reverse Append Email Addresses to Find Out More About the Contacts in Your Database include Flowtown: If you have an email database, you should be using Flowtown.  It allows you to take the email addresses you have in your database and look up what social networks they are active on.  This way you can reach out to them on more channels as well as segment what emails you sent them based on what networks they are in.

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