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At an over max capacity Mobile SIG event at Maggiano’s Buckhead, brands, agencies and publishers shared their top predictions on mobile content and user engagement in “Mobile is the New Digital. “  As I joined in a conversation with a culo table of people of MEC like Eleanor Woodward, Hayley Smith, and Stephen Love, John Bellantinem of Designhead LLC, and Rachel Morin and Leila White of Pandora, we got to see the trends and future advancements in mobile rich media, mobile video, and tablets.

Expert Panelists:

  1. Dan Israel @danisrael1, Digital Strategy Lead, SapientNitro
  2. Tom Giovingo @TomGiovingo, Mobile Solutions, Retail, Yahoo!
  3. Eric Horn, Associate Director, Media AT&T
  4. Kevin Planovsky @lplanovsky, Principal Strategist, Vert Mobile
  5. Dani Cushion @dmcushion, Global VP Marketing, Millenial Media

“Wherever you are – that’s the place to be.”  That’s the concept Dan Israel got across to captivate his audience with a figo flashback from Fast times at Richmond High before his key questions.

Q1: How many electronic devices do you sleep with?

Many people now sleep with their iPhone, Nike Fuel Band, Phillips Wake-up light, Kindle, and Android work phone.  Mobile is a ubiquitous subset of digital that starts with achieving engagement and subscriptions.

Q2: What is the most innovative thing that will have the biggest impact in the next 12 months? 

  1. Cross-screen
  2. Google Glasses: Will we get Louie Pasteur eyestrain syndrome or is this just the first iteration?
  3. Near Field Communication (NFC)
  4. Mobile Wallets: 7.5 million mobile wallets in the U.S. now

Q3: How does mobile leverage BIG DATA?

Data creates profiles that ads can target and be relevant to.  Because mobile is a personal device you can reach the right person at the right time with the right message.  Momentfeed is an up and coming local technology solution for showing these mobile sale and check-in trends for brands to connect efficiently with their customers at the local level.

Q4: What cross-attribution is key for mobile campaigns?

Yahoo bases their cross-attribution on usernames.  Every username collects your information to get around Cookies on mobile.  Third parties are also a good idea for help.  Even if you have fat thumbs, you shouldn’t measure clicks, but engagement.  Mobile can disrupt us wherever we are.

Q5: Is social media the new earned media?

The world is getting more connected and social and mobile are linked.  Social media lets you tap into your network with the unvarnished truth.  Social networks can change the conversations and problems for brands.  Don’t be the one talking, be part of the conversation. 

Oreos still dunk in the dark image
Q6: What was the best mobile campaign in the last 6 months?

March Madness was very cool with AT&T because it was real-time.  Call of duty lets you take a camera phone picture of yourself to upload to use as your virtual warrior in the game to play with.  National Geographic timed tablet ads during Killing Lincoln series that changed based on what was going on documentary for a cross-platform experience.  Even simple Dove and Pizza Hut online banner ads are doing a great job of advertising to guys like Tom Giovingo.  Coke started a website called that has mini-mobile microsites used for games that have “snackable” content.  Finally, let’s not forget the Oreo tweet that was something out of the ordinary at the super bowl this year when the lights went out in the stadium.

Q7: Will push notifications and SMS become more popular in the future?

Companies like Urban Air Shipping and  Airlines have done a great job of being relevant to the right person at a right time.  Mobile needs to be intertwined into your lifestyle a poco a poco.  The Samsung commercial for mobile with gestures is a great example of how brands can revolutionize lives.  Even the Connected house in Barcelona and Biometrics will use thumbprints to identify with us in our daily lives.

Q8: How to you make shopping experience better for that mom with the screaming kids on the way to soccer games?

With the rise of utilitarian and loyalty programs that have prepaid applications for retailers like Starbucks and Wal-Mart, brands can lower their transaction fees and improve their bottom-line.  Vert is bringing a Brewniversiy App soon for Taco Mac pashionistas and AT&T is coming out with Isis.

The evolution of the smart phone changed from the telephone to the flip phone to the smartphone very quickly.  Tablet had even a quicker adoption rate.  The Wireless Technology Forum can keep us up to date on the future of mobile.  The final dirty little secret of marketers is that we aren’t worried about older demographics on mobile.  Marketers are worried about the millennials who eat, sleep, and live their daily lives on a wide range of mobile devices.

When I asked Dan Israel to sum up the event he had to say this: “I think this event gave us a very good view on the need for more attribution.  Mobile is the best for that, but also the most elusive.”


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