Wo jiào Ben.  Wo you yi ge liang hao de jia he jiào yu Beijing.  Wo de jia ren zong shi zhi chi wo.  Zai wo de xiaojia li, wo you yi ge bàbà, mama he yi zhi gou.  Wo shi du sheng zi suoyi hao xu yao wo de fu mu.  Wo de fu mu zong shi jin li gong jiaoyu wo du shu.  Wo xian zai zai UGA xuexi.  Wo de zhuan ye shi liang ge guo ji shang wu he shi chang ying xiao.  Yin wei wo de guo ji shang wu zhuan ye xu yao wo xue xi qi ta yu yan.  Wo ying jing xue le jiu hian de xi ban ya yu he liang hian de zhong wen.  Chu le wai yu yi wai, wo hai you yi xie gong zuo ji neng.  Wo hui hen hao de shi yong dian nao, wo you liang hao de jiao liu ji neng.  Wo hai shi yi ge hu li gong zuo de ren, bing qie wo hen xiang cheng gong.  Wo de gong zuo jing li bao kuo li cai, tuan dui he zuo bing qie biao xian liang hao.  Wo zai Allstate Insurance de shi xi jing li he zai Cuctco Knives de xiao shao zhi wei jiao gei wo hen duo shang wu zhi shi.  Ci wai, wo de zai UGA de shi chang ying xiao gong zuo bang zhu wo jiao shao xin chan pin gei gu ke.

Why are joint ventures so popular in China?

They offer a way of getting around Chinese tariffs, allowing a company to gain a competitive price advantage over imports, manufacturing locally within a Chinese partner rather than importing achieves additional savings as a result of low-cost Chinese labor.

China – will have huge domestic consumer market and for capital goods in addition to just manufacturing now; some say China’s domestic and capital markets will become more important than their exports.  Yuan Exchange Rate.  China has a fixed exchange rate.

I can attribute all my Chinese knowledge to Henry Oddi and Miao Zhang.  Below is an e-mail my friend sent me while he is in China now:

My business courses were pretty up-to-snuff by most standards, and my Chinese has progressed in speaking and reading. I will travel to Taiwan for two weeks for the Chinese New Year, and then return to the mainland travel to my old school in Huangshan

Thankfully I have the freedom to select any courses in the school of “Economics and Management“ meaning that I can basically take any business courses I want. I can also take up to 9 hours outside of the school, meaning that I can also take Chinese or other subjects. Next semester I will focus on taking financial courses that will hopefully make up for my near-complete lack of quantitative/technical coursework as a management major back at UGA.

Overall my impression of Tsinghua has been quite positive; it is probably overall the best university in China. That being said, there are plenty of issues that this place has.

1) The health form that we needed to complete before going to China was basically useless for me; I was sent to do a complete physical exam at the government medical examination center without any glance at the health form I handed to them. I paid about $75 to get a full workup (Chest X-Ray, Blood Test for HIV/Syphilis, ECG, Vision, Hearing, etc) that is valid for my year here. Thankfully I did not spend any money on my American health form because I had strong suspicions that this would happen.

2) The administration and organization of the university appear to be spread all over the place, despite the massive 10-story administration building in the heart of campus. Getting things done at the beginning of each semester is a challenge. They are now implementing a policy that limits our Internet access on campus to 20GB of data transfer per month, with progressively more expensive fees if you go over. This means we must be very sensitive to our data usage, including how long we chat with family and friends via Skype. Simple things like this are examples of the subtle manner in which modern Chinese organizations influence your behavior.

3) The international dorm is leaps and bounds above the dorms for mainland Chinese students (who have their power shut off at 11 PM nightly!), but there are many obnoxious events that occur regularly that would motivate me to move out if I had an extra $300/month to pay for a nearby apartment. The dorm allows smoking, and there have been several occasions where Korean students have nearly burnt down the building by disposing butts in trash bins or setting beds on fire! The dorm does not provide 24-hour hot water, only from 7-9AM, 3-5PM, and 8-12PM. This is very frustrating for those who try to have an active lifestyle or stay in shape. More importantly, if you do not fit to the norm, you will not live a comfortable life. The dorm is also regularly far noisier than any UGA dorm on a weekend, thanks to cheap construction that lets the people next door hear every conversation. Thankfully I have a wonderful and considerate roommate from the Netherlands that I get along with extremely well.

The above are not designed to come across as complaints, but rather to convey my experience and provide relevant information for the future. I love living in Beijing (despite the air quality being worse for your health than chain-smoking) and being the heart of academic and business culture in a nation that is going through amazing changes. I’ve made incredible contacts and learned useful things that will never be taught in a classroom.

“Marketing is moving from an art to a science”
Driving Factor: Personalization is key

The types of Personalization have different forms.

Explicit Targeting: profile-based, rules-based
Implicit Targeting: anonymous, behavioral, profile of content,
Social: integration in social networks and collaboration
Custom: based on specific business rules and custom business logistics
The issue lies in limited amounts of data, limited flexibility, and tends to be focused only on the web. Don’t take into consideration other channels because there is no way to truly leverage enterprise data. Digital marketing systems from social media monitoring tools to anayltics pacakages are producing mass amounts of data that can be used to glean insights about customers and other websites.

We need a state of art marketing platform that goes beyond traditional tools with advanced anyalyticl tools. You need to provide insights across all channels. Traditional web content management focuses on publishing of content. Today, there is a Big Data exploit for website personalization.

The issue is management is unstructured because of tweets, blogs, and ratings. Millions of videos, emails, voice

More structured things exist like weblogs, click stream, relational data
Where is the data and how can we harness it? We must be able to understand and interpret data. We need a new way of thinking to leverage and improve our website. Search Based Applications (SBA)-software applications in which a search engine platform is used as the core infrastructure for information access and reporting SBA’s use semantic technologies meaning to aggregate normalize and classify unstructured seminar structured and or strategy.

Where do you look for landscape opportunities in China? There is a rapidly expanding middle class of 400 to 1.2 billiards, 5 trillion, to 30 trillion. Chinese retailer called Greenbox. Local development arms-bringing innovation/recognize stress

“Don’t trust a statistic that you didn’t falsify yourself.”

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