Hi Benjamin,



You’ve been to our website and utilized our researchers. I’ve researched your company and have couple suggestions on how social media marketing can help your website.

I though you might enjoy a free social media analysis of your website where we can review more tips and suggestions that you can implement today.

Please let me know wehn you have a few minutes to speak.  My name is Benjamin, and I’m calling rom Global Social Media Marketing.


Hi Benjamin, per my message today-

You’ve been to our website and utilized our resources. Ive researched your company and have suggestions on how social media marketing can drive more traffic to your webiste. For example, you can hlep increase traffic to your weibsite by including relevant keywords on your blgos that you want to get ranked for on the search engoines.

Global Social Media Marketing offers a free social media analysis where we can reveiw more tips and suggestions that you can implement today.

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Your Marketing Pipeline and Sales Quota are one in the same. You must understand the different stages of sales and marketing funnel, sales-ready lead, handoff, and buyer personas. Closed-loop reporting allows you to pass more intel to and get feedback from Sales. Marketing gets up to date contact information and status updates, learns which marketing programs are working, and increases marketing ROI. Benefits for sales include de-duplicate leads, helps prioritize leads, helps make sales people make warmer calls, and increase close rate and Sales ROI. You can calculate the SLA (Service line agreement) two ways:



How many leads of a certain quality does a sales rep need to make quota?

  • Quota (revenue) / avg. revenue per customer = # customers needed
  • Customers / avg. lead to customer close % = #leads needed
  • May vary by type (quality) of lea

Learn how to calculate an SLA. Here are some critical marketing and sales metrics you better be tracking. Closed-Loop Marketing will allow you to know how to calculate your leads goal for Sales & Marketing alignment. Determine Your Marketing Goals by working backwards from sales. Start with a shared goal of revenue. Know your average sale by current revenue. You need to be able to Sell More, Better, and Faster in 2014 with Inbound Sales. What Sales winners do differently is use Inbound Sales scripts. Socially Selling is also currently taking way and you can learn how to use social media to close more sales.


CRM tool that allows existing customers to pull tweets from their Twitter account into the tool making it possible to assign leads and monitor activity as you would other contacts in a database.

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