Aggregates, manage and monitors your social media activity, with a focus on hard numbers and measurable outcomes.  They also have a Tweet-to-lead tool, which allows you to turn all tweets in Salesforce leads and a mobile component that allows you to receive SMS updates or even text updates to your accounts.  Very similar to CoTweet.  Tweet, schedule tweets, manage replies, assign replies, reply to searches, etc.  Discover, Engage, Support, and Market.  Crappy UI and Competitive advantage.  Differentiating on price, not product.  Caches tweets so not dependent on Twitter – do other clients do this?  Email alerts for keywords – do other clients do this?  Pricing is $5/user/month.  The Customer base can claim to be for the enterprise, but most enterprises would likely pay a higher premium for a more established tool.  Therefore the more realistic customer base is SMBs.


Identify prospects, acquire loyal customers, measure social impact and optimize social media campaigns.  Customer engagement. Understanding what motivates their social customer, focused on SM mgmt. for large enterprises. Provide consulting, monitoring and moderation, community and campaign management, implementation services.  Customer base: large enterprises, ie. Virgin America.  3 of the top 10 global technology companies.  3 of the top 5 retailers.  One of the world’s foremost apparel lifestyle brands.  One of the world’s top 5 consumer electronics companies.  The world’s most social airline. A professional-grade social media management company, Sprinklr is a one-click
publisher, social listening tool and analytics team all rolled into one. They help
agencies, B2C companies, and B2B companies identify prospects, acquire loyal customers, measure social impact and optimize social media campaigns.


Allows you to build your presence, engaging with your customers to measuring your impact.  Features e-commerce for Facebook, email marketing, and mobile solutions. is the “Enterprise Social Marketing Platform.”  More than a basic Twitter client to just respond and tweet.  Publish Push to FB, Twitter, all networks from one place (just like everyone else).  Engage and Measure.  Seems like heavy competition with Vitrue.  Push updates to a segmented Facebook audience by location.  You can build custom Facebook page designs.  What is a Like-gating Competitive advantage?

Check out this article for creating awesome infographics!: 


Between ScrOOn’s three products, you can monitor and manage multiple social media channels, add social components like customer reviews, games and surveys
to your existing digital properties, and drive people from your social media accounts to
your website.


This service pulls data from over 100 million online sources to find out the buzz about your brand. Within the same console, you can aggregate and respond to social media mentions, create team workflows, and access key metrics and analytics.


This service allows you to listen to what people are saying about your
brand but cuts out all of the noise that may not be relevant to you. Additionally, MutualMind helps you manage your campaign with one-click publishing and a framework for multiple team members to coordinate through.


In addition to monitoring and publishing to your social networks, Avenue Social builds Facebook applications, fan pages, and mobile apps, and analyzes the
effects of all of your social media efforts, to boot!


Their product, Studio, helps create and monitor campaigns and social buzz,
manages workflow amongst your team, and helps identify and organize influencers
based on what channels they are active in and their interests.

Keep an eye on your competitors. Watch what they’re doing, steal some of their good ideas and put your own spin on them. Over time you’ll build a friendly relationship with some of them and they may actually link to your stuff, you should do the same. There’s a link economy when it comes to blogs and it’s built on sharing each other’s stuff, it helps make your own content stronger and more well rounded and vice versa. Using a tool like TrendSpottr for real-time viral content discovery can also help to identify emerging stories that have high viral potential and engagement. It identifies the top trending content (links, hashtags, sources) for any keyword, topic or even Twitter list URL. GT example, this is a link to find the most trending content about Syria in real time. For HootSuite users, TrendSpottr is also available in HootSuite’s new App Directory. Useful overview videos also available. Use Storify to combine different types of social content and add context between them to make it more understandable in a narrative format. Use to help verify reports and tweets you see on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Follow @StoryfulPro on Twitter to see alerts, curated Twitter Lists and links to verified content on Requests and questions can be sent to Storyful’s global team of curators 24/7 on

Consider offering readers a way to ask questions and receive a video answer. There’s ways to explain via video that you can’t quite get across via text. One recommendation is to use something like Answers can be archived and accessed by other readers. Can eventually act as an FAQ. SiloBraker: Very useful tool that allows to dynamically build a network of topics and people, starting from a simple search. It gives also direct access to all the information published worldwide and captured in the network. For example searching: “Apple Inc” you will find interesting articles linking both Apple and Android or with the supply chain workers.

Tweriod and Buffer help you find the best time to tweet.  Tweriod analyzes your tweets and your followers’ tweets to give you the best time and day of the week to tweet to get the highest visibility for your content.  This will help you share your content more effectively.



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