Letterhead Design Process

Clarify use–>Determine Need–>Get Content–>Develop Design–>Identity paper–>Determine production method–>Manage Production (Standard letterhead size is 8 ½ x ll used in Canada, Mexico, and US.)

Business Card Design Process

Clarify positioning–>Determine need–>Finalize content–>Develop Design–>Identity Paper–>Determine production method–>Manage production

Brochure System Design Process

Revisit big picture–>Design a cover system–>Determine Typographic System, Determine artwork–>Design color family–>Choose standard formats–>Choose paper–>Develop prototypes–>Develop guidelines and standard formats (4 x 9, 6 x 9, 8.5 x 11)

Evidence that effective retail signage increases revenues, and intelligent way finding systems support and enhance the experience of a brand.  Signage is a mass communications medium that works 24/7 and can attract new customers, influence purchasing decisions, and increase sales.

Vehicle Design Process

Designers need to consider scale, legibility, distance, surface color, and the effects of movement, speed, and light.  They also need to consider the life of the vehicle, the durability of the signage medium, and safety requirements and regulations that may vary state by state.  Vehicle types need to be planned, designed, determined, examined, and then implement.  Include public, buses, trains, ferries, private, container trucks, delivery trucks, helicopters, planes, motorcycles, jitneys, hot-air balloons, and blimps.

Uniform Design Process

Aprons, belts, pants, shorts, skirts, turtleneck, golf shirt, T-shirt, vests, neckwear, outerwear, rainwear, blazers, blouses, bows, gloves, boots, helmets, shoes, socks, tights, ID badges, accessories, scarves, fleece, wind wear, visors, baseball caps, scrub apparel, patient grows, lab coats.  Public safety, security, transportation, couriers, bank tellers, volunteers, Health care, hospitality, retail, restaurants, sports teams, sports facilities, laboratories, special events, entertainment, universities, schools.  Methods are off the shelf, custom design, custom fabrication, embroidery, screen-printing, patches, and stripping.

Legal Design Process

Establish Legal Needs–>Establish Legal Resources–>Decide type of search–>Conduct Preliminary Research-Conduct comprehensive research–>conduct registration–>monitor and educate

Use USPTO as a source.  R means you are federally register and ™ is Trademark, or claim of ownership of goods and packaging.  Make sure to also get a SM or Service Mark. Intellectual property includes copyrights and patents.

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