“Consumers love us until they hate us.”

Customers connect and how do we egnage propersly with each to what they care about. Social Data vs. Business Data.

It’s too late when customer has already complained, whare are the early indicators. Have Marketing Analytics for long-term custome value. Customer return in bid depending on if they are the on their 1st or 10th order. Dashboards and Automation tools should be utilized during campaigns. However, its social media not social tool media. Have shareable customer experiences that are more valuble. NET PROMOTER SCORE? should be higher, customer care channel. Use social data to sell products. Social is now the fastest growing digital marketing channel.  Public metions and taking it to DM are great ways to engage.

Vine currently has been doing great with songs of events because it organic and has great engagement.  Social metrics are relative to social velocity.  Not understand, but put in context.  Have emotional resonance and influence of music.

“It’s the silly things that capture people.  Social is about how you make me feel.”

Use diamsignal with intent to share content and efficient tranks through  CTR.  Data provides creativity to content wihthin context which is arts and science. It’s like how you can know 10 minutes in if a commerical is good or not.  The purchase intent of consideration is decisive and how far can social go into research of the full cycle of purchase intent?  Social media cannot drive your decisions alone.

How do you use social listenng to track on software?  Social media cannot drive your ecisons alone.  You shouldn’t be tweeting during the cliffhanger.

“There is no majic black box.”

Vine on Nightline CHECK IT OUT ON LATE NIGHT SHOW. How do we analyze vinoe on software?  The privacy is differnt in the Europe vs. United Staes with a dynamic signal.  Paid more and more everday is the trend you are starting to see emerge.  Use organic twitter for conversation and promoted for your Call to action.  You shoul dbe looking 30 minutes everdya st the Dta and talk about it.  Don’t scale ages on social. The 50-60+ market is the fastest growing segement on social media. Know your data points and how it has changed compared to competiors.  How you you make your campaign social?  WONOLO shares with customers who become employees.  Barclays offers.  PRediction: we can’t tell the difference between csutomers and employees.  Tweet out your presentation on SlideShare.

“Efficiency, Value, Unique Experience, venting, reviews and rating, social network connect, and ainsurace.  June 9th 2015 is the next social shake up.

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