Begin by asking these crucial questions about website development:

Who is Global Social Media Marketing? Global Social Media Marketing is a brand and freelance firm.Why does anyone need to know who we are?  People need to know that we are a technology and social media marketing service for them. What’s in it for people who use us? Social media marketing solutions for their brand and social media goal needs.

1. Initiate Plan
Set Goals: What is a realistic timeline to develop a website and target date?   What is our budget for the website? Create a fully functional website that allows potential clients and current clients to see an interactive marketing portfolio of work. The website should generate inbound leads from forms that lead to sales and new business development.  The website will also serve as a thought leader in the social media marketing world and have technology industry knowledge and expertise. Gather data about the audience, Consider content sources: What projects in the portfolio, Explore technological issues, evaluate existing site: no existing site; have a static landing page currently with contact information, establish project team, and revisit goals and set strategies.

Goal: We would like to have a rebranded SEO and structured website up and running in by end of 2017 and finish the project in 3 months with a $3,000 budget.

Establish a Website Development Project team:

  • Designer: Design and layout of website
  • Marketing Coordinator: Plan and execute entire website development process as project manager: ($3,650)
    • Content Development: Integration with the WordPress publishing platform for content management.¬† Provide a hosting account, dynamic navigation, integration of Google Analytics and Google Adwords, and links to social media profiles. ($1,500)
    • Dynamic Photo Gallery Integration: Allow visitors to see thumbnails and then larger detail images.¬† Installation and configuration. ($300)
    • Home Page Content Rotator: Series of photos/text/links with fading or scrolling transition on home page ($450)
    • Landing page Template: Design and implementation of an additional page with WordPress to be used as a landing page. ($350)
    • Blog: Develop blog pieces and allow for content guest blogging
    • Functionality: Perform HTM validation request, test the ability of pages to load quickly
    • Basic Html Email Form: For contact/support/email subscription/lead generation with results to be emailed to the client and stored in a database for easy access. ($150)
    • Automation: Automation tools that include email marketing modules, email drip modules for lead nurturing, lead tracking and alerts and other tools.
    • Offer Suite of Digital Marketing Services ($900)
    • Benchmark metrics and analyze:
      • Number of visits/visitors/unique visitors (monthly average)
      • Bounce rate (monthly average)
      • Time on site (monthly average)
      • Top performing keywords (in terms of rank, traffic and lead generation).
      • Number of inbound linking domains
      • Total number of new leads/form submissions (per month)
      • Total number of total pages indexed
      • Total number of pages that receive traffic
      • What are most shared or viewed content, what are most trafficked pages, what are your most ranked pages
      • Site Speed: Does the platform have good deliverability site speed and uptime
      • Are URL‚Äôs structured and search engine friendly?
      • The track in a spreadsheet using tools or to crawl all the pages, review all website pages and current site architecture.¬† Note, which is your most viewed and shared content.¬† Evaluate which content is worth keeping.¬† Did you find duplicate content, and check pages for 404‚Äôs and list the most important pages as fixes.
      • Review current website architecture.
      • Develop a URL mapping document/301 redirect plan: Tracking Status, Due Date, Date completed, Owner
      • Define a content plan and identify what call to actions need to be added.
  • Track progress in Hubspot Website Redesign Process
  • Social media: Implement program and develop content.¬† Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter
  • Develop a Newsletter service
  • Web Programmer, Web Consultant: Consult on abilities to build a website and advanced coding and functionality.¬† Needs to tell us what WordPress theme can meet our current design, which has a vertical and horizontal navigation in responsive design.
  1. Identify Audiences: What’s the first impression we want to give our target audience? Target Audience: Define key messages
  2. Define key messages: Revisit positioning
  3. Revisit positioning:

Set priorities and rough out project plan

  1. Landing page
  2. Competitive Audit
  3. Organize Structure
  4. Finish Company Logo
  5. Draft Expertise Copy
  6. Send Initial Project Requirements to Bill
  7. Choose a WordPress theme for template
  8. Add widgets and write customized HTML coding
  9. Implement design
  10. Test functionality
  11. Integrate Google Analytics
  12. Check all images
  13. Set Editorial Calendar
  14. Develop Blog and set publishing schedule
  15. Implement Social Media program
  16. Create YouTube Video of Customer Testimonials

2. Build groundwork
Conduct competitive audit: Take notes and expand upon via

Prepare content:  Simple is better.Map content, Define logical relationship create user scenarios, Build wire-frame prototypes, Test prototypes, Set editorial calendar: We want x amount of blog pieces a month. Describe how often content changes: Content should change constantly until finished project goal, Identify existing content. Rewrite text for the web: Need help with this with coding. Commission new content, visual or media assets. You should approve content including legal signoff, Review content in screen context, Edit and proofread text with Grammarly.

Create visual design:¬†Many lack immediate impact of who and what, confusing navigation at times.Color palette, tone, metaphor, and finalize color scheme to match branding:¬† What are our color scheme and logo?, Grid and element placement, Graphic elements + text styles, Navigational cues, Layouts of key screens, Interface for functions, Integration of media, and prototype and test with users.¬†Some cluttered, some very sterile (how to be clean and warm, inviting?). Most motion and movement was annoying, slows down search for information. Liked sites, where work was the “Hero” and Light, is in, dark out. The best are simple clean and well designed. Too much information was as much a turnoff as too little. Sites that went overboard with movement and motion were annoying. From a design perspective, I am more impressed by simple intuitive navigation and emphasis put on good work. ¬† The most successful sites had something small that made it feel personal and gave a quick connection.¬† Almost all of the websites had little or no social media presence.¬† This is a huge opportunity for LIFT Creative to capture and be a leader in the industry with the strongest social media presence.¬† Also, many did not blog regularly and lacked that they‚Äôre of.

3. Define structure and Outline Content
I. TAB 1 –¬†HOME: General info about who we are; YouTube Video


Advertising, Trade Marketing Communications, Printed Marketing Collateral & Publications, Company Literature, Branding, Social Media, Brand storytelling, Brand Naming, Sell Sheets, Brochures, Direct Mail, Point of Purchase materials, White Papers, and Advertising, and Marketing Support. Creative copywriting and editing, Concept development, Brandscape videos (with moving images and sound), Brand books and guidelines, BRAND IDENTITY: Revitalization, New brand creation, Brand architecture, Visual Brand essence, and Brand Storytelling (Also in marketing communications).Brand Naming, Brand Management, Company Branding, Brand Strategy, Launch and New Brand Creation, Revitalization, Positioning, and Repositioning, Extension, Implementation, Execution and Program Management, Brand Audit, Consumer Insights, Research Management, Trend Research, Creative Copywriting and Editing (Also in Marketing Communications), Brand Development, Brand Guidelines (Also in Marketing Communications), Customer Segmentation


IV. TAB 4 –¬†MARKETING PROCESS;¬†Design thinking model

VI. TAB 5 РAbout PROGRESSION Historical Perspective/Timeline


Includes client list, client testimonials, and case studies.

Our goal is to help our clients be successful in their marketing and design. These are a few of the fine companies that we have had the privilege to work with.   If you need to improve your marketing, or take your brand to the next level, contact us. (YouTube Video and written quotes),

V. MEET TEAM –¬†Fun photo included/ 2 sentence bio¬†

5. CONTACT –¬†Phone, Address, Social Media Networks, Email, Photo of location, Logo, Map

Marketing Agency CHALLENGES

  1. Find customers before your competitors do
  2. Have an outdated website that doesn’t reflect the scope, quality, and impact of their work
  3. Their website and marketing efforts have little impact on their sales efforts
  4. They no longer have sufficient time to prospect for new business
  5. Rely on larget clients and other truest peers
  6. Relying on younger employees when looking for new ideas

Identify stage:

  • The owner and new business people evaluate every inbound lead they generate on their website as soon as they get it
  • They proactively identify great fit professional services firms and connect with the principals and associates on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter

Connect Stage:

  1. They prioritize their recently converted inbound leads
  2. They automate call scheduling when a professional service firm employee completes a “request a free consultation” form
  3. The new business team engages early stage buyers proactively by engaging them with questions and content.

Content Formats: Blog Articles, Ebooks, recorded videos, case studies, research reports

Professional service firms like consulting, law, and accounting

Explore Stage

  • They explore which marketing challenges are most pressing and why
  • They ask about goals the firm has
  • They talk about results that other firms are getting following best practices
  • They talk about what help and involvement they’ll need from the partners

Advise Stage:

  • They recap what they learned in the Explore stage
  • They advise the partners on the effort required to achieve the goals and why certain experience and skills are critical
  • They ask what evaluation criteria the firm is going to use to choose an agency
  • They make sure the firm values their unique capabilities and focus
  • They confirm that they are the front-runner and best choice.




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