The Social Shake-Up

The great thing about social change is that it’s exponential. ¬†You hear it from your own professionals and peers. ¬†Take us into the future with new business models. ¬†You need to feel inspired and connected to each other at Social Media Today:

  • Expectations are completely different
  • Effective collaboration
  • Collapse distance
  • Destroy social limitations
  • Subscription/collaboration economy
  • 600 CEO’s
  • Future SmartCourse
  • Social Insiders Community to be¬†launched

Brian Solis and Jeff Livingston

There is a rise of networking in upcoming generation X. ¬†Remember what happened to Scott Monty at Ford? Marketing has finally taken over social because every great moment has a reaction to connect with people. “There’s nothing about relationships in CRM,” says Brian. ¬†Why are we using this stuff in the first place?

We are here to learn and inspire. ¬†“Romance” digital transformation is changing based on how digital customers are different and how we connect with them. ¬†A CEO thinks technology is complex, while a CMO thinks we don’t know digital customers. You need to have the philosophy of people first; trying to improve how we communicate.

You have to discover. Have you studied your digital customer and why you do something? There’s a purpose or a reason; we are the Ghostbuster for the key masters. ¬†Embrace official partnership with Humancloud, Undercover Boss, and cartoonists to stay in touch.

Gift of Empathy

Social allows us to track non-transactional. ¬†BuzzFeed, minimalist media. and infographics are the new press releases in our space. ¬†Social can be open, transparent, and engaging. Actions, reactions, transactions, and arts of engagement exist. ‚ÄúJust remember only social marketers complain about flights.‚ÄĚ ¬†Solve the rate not the problem by proactively engaging and sharing. ¬†Most people share bad experiences. ¬† There‚Äôs opportunity knocking out there everyday for us with¬†a relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Asking why leads to what if? What if leads to what next? ¬†‚ÄúQuestion everything,‚ÄĚ says Brian Solis. ¬†There isn’t a playbook or top 10. ¬†If we don’t push forward, there‚Äôs no hope. ¬†“We are social change agents.” Innovations come from creative perspectives, process, technology, and structure. ¬†Social media improves our brand image, customer acquisition, customer retention, and loyalty. ¬†How does the market look like?

  1. Data Collection-Capture Addresses and Handles
  2. Transformation of Process Automation
  3. Insights and Analytics

Native LUMAscape/Content Marketing and Social

Image Here

Content marketing¬†is more on the process of the technology. ¬†TANGO. ¬†Think about analytics in how it can make you make informed decisions. ¬†How do we change our process? We may do it for customer insights instead of ROI. ¬†Make yourself more relevant in organizations and with colleagues using social media. ¬†Should you have an agency run your social business? Agencies are great for servicing and expert knowledge, but your business can’t give up customer relationships to agencies.

Without rich and relevant quality, the marketing machine doesn’t move. ¬†Cultural content is based in vision, mission, values, and using them for your communication concept. Connecting the dots of the right candidates to action connect campaigns with insights to improve. ¬†Start with metrics and work backwards. ¬†Don’t give up! ¬†Remember to be thinking about communicating and how/why you do what you do to¬†achieve your results.


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