Crystal Balling

Crystal Balling

Further ingestion of data and consumer awareness of the benefits of sharing the data. Keys and the signing of things. The future will be more simple and fewer things that we have to control. Future for wireless carriers is. Text messaging started in 2005, smartphones started in 2007. The data traffic has gone up by 10,000%. Everything will begin to look only Mobile. A video is currently about 70% of all traffic on mobile. Constraints:

1) Spectrum of availability
2) Efficient delivery of data for
3) Price: low pricing points

All spend advertising will move to digital with mobile. A cross-screen strategy. It’s going to be more sequential messaging and attribution modeling. Imagine thinking about Coke Uber. A fleet of trucks that are full or empty. The equipment telling you to need drinks. The driver can then optimize their route. Mobile payment solutions. Engaging with consumers at POS, mobile technology/phone. Approve consumers and make the company make better.

Look at the innovation in mobile. Where do you think the innovation in mobile is going to come from?
Cricket is a subsidiary of ATL. Drive studio, connected home, and some unifying platform that makes it easily accessible for the average user. SPOT INNOVATION

Generation of sharing data and getting something in return. In between where you are appreciative but concerned about privacy. Other than worries too much about privacy.

Look beyond just the segment of the world and the industry. Look at things from a different perspective to pull in and try to innovate. Blue sky and let’s see if this works. Mobile changes so fast, even you may fail, it can still lead a lot of success. Atlanta as top 5 cities in the United States.

Free up more spectrum. Mobile has no standards. The biggest challenge is mobile fragmentation. The barrier to driving innovation bc you are limited to operating system and platform. Opens source platforms that use CMS.

Alternative monetization. Open source doesn’t provide enough opportunity. Low common denominator. Future of authenticating things. hASH ANONYMOUS IDEA SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND BROWING HISTORY, APPS.

Logging in with email is the ultimate authentication.

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