From Insights To Story

We are agents worldwide because we are storytelling through crowdsourcing, authenticity, and transparency. Create stories that move people.  The World Cup will happen in 2026 in the U.S. She calls herself a Data Gypsy.  Tamara to create storytime.  Social media mentions for Barcelona vs. Madrid UEFA champions.  Adobe digital index, Adobe Prime TIme.  Use data to make story.  Have a content calendar driven by events.  Timing is important “related and over time.”  Remember the past.  TV-Everywhere with Rouk and Xbox sign in authentication.

Where does a story come from?

Data insight, behavioral observation, journalists like to read controversy.  Bounce rate–>referer (F) –> device.  “Dark Social” Tablet browsing higher than phones.  ADI uses the Scientific Method to approach building sstories  Elevate conversation beyond what you you know in risks.

Analysis of trailers with social mentions example.  Great for predictions.  Relevant 24.  Elevate messages due to problems with the fat finger and accidental landing pages.

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form.”

-Jean Lue

Social Media + Mobile = Oreo Cookie

They have to get together 60% referrals of social media are coming from mobile.  Infobits; Characters now have @handles –> more interesting than actors.  Even drones tweetin the drone pilot story. This is reinforcing instead of readjusting.

Twitter Theater

Check out Dan Sinker ” The Epic at Mayor Manual.”

Retweet and Comment.  “Albert Brooks” is one of the funniest guys on Twitter.  What kind of person do you need to be a storyteller.  You need talent and skill.  There are different genres of storytelling.  Videos are more emotional evocative.  Try pigging backing off random holidays like Back to the Future.

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