Restaurants are behind the Momentfeed. What are the trends?

Instagram is smart at pushing cross-platform posts with people who love food porn. Brands need to tag photos of other brands and locations to be super-relevant. A customer is not just a fan of your brand, but a fan of your location. Let people be experts by letting them leave tips and pics. It’s all about letting the user share what they want to share.

So we beg to ask the question; Is the mobile check-in dead?

It’s about relevance. Some people still want their privacy and don’t want to check in or maybe they just don’t go to many interesting places. However, Vert has seen a huge growth internationally in Turkey, Mexico, and other emerging countries. How people use the app is how the product is developed. Only 4% of people do something. 90% of people moved over. Average time spent is growing.

We can better understand what consumers look like by what they bought. Marketers must capture transactions by giving bonus points for other actions. Loyalty programs should be centered around cross-pollination of where consumers were, habits if someone goes to the most franchises, etc.

You don’t have to come in if you check-in. There is social validity for Millennials. Local Mobile Loyalty Program. Acquired shortcodes like URL’s. Rewarding engagements. Millennials like to be rewarded. A mobile sampling of new product. Mobile activation, Street Teams, engagements, real-time reporting, high rate of redemption, Pandora radio support. If we get people to check-in for engagement, that does not always lead to sales. However, Mobile-first recommendations like making sure your brand’s location are up to date, offering in-store discounts, and making sure your location data is correct is important.  Create a hybrid between organic and paid media to tell people that your location is nearby.

You need to show me how I can test it by testing it. Everything is testable and A/B testing for paid media is a must. By highways, can’t just run through an automated geo-tagging. Foursquare does not have a geo-fence. 2 billion location trails a day. Smart Radius. More seamless and connected to the screens.

Why is API’s important?

There’s nothing more personal than your mobile phone. It’s highly geo-targeted and heavy on a person’s lifestyle. For example, every Mellow Mushroom has a local store page with offerings tailored to the community living near the location.

What can we do with Snapchat? It’s on fire. Interested in paid media for future. To effectively reach consumers you will have to pay for it. Local awareness ads on Facebook allow marketers to target on who lives in the area or have visited in the area. There will be a future of proximity beacons for retail and foot traffic journey.

Convergence marketing. Advertising has more people location going than radio listener base. Scratch and win portions that use to communicate 140 characters. Watch & Win Sweepstakes. Turn-key: PRODUCE, SALE, EXECUTION. Targeted Demo Campaigns. Local Sports Team Campaigns.

McMillion in 1/1million in chance. They thought they had a better chance of winning at a local level. I’m an animal. Category QSR Exclusivity. Short Sales cycle of 6 weeks. Adva, a response rate of 1% return is a great job. Worldless expensive for advertising. Telecom Campaign. Digital Sweepstakes with Data Capture.

Final Thought: “Savvy shopper becomes local favor.”

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