Connections innovation, Cingular, Dream of the 90’s. Innovating connections. Coca-cola is the world’s most socially discussed rband. In 1969, you had the benches billboard thta was a cultural segregation of Coca-Cola.  In 1973, Hilltop in Italy came to be.  In 2013, Small World Machine broke down barrrier and share experience.  We are now in a collaborative story around brands.  The Hub-Listen was launched to listen, andalyze, and engage and fans.  The Global Strenght, Awareness (70% in English) Predictions (Opportunity of engagement), Consistency (Access to message), Standards (KPI’s/volcano velocity).  Listen and analyze knowing which one’s matter.  CTFD-Calm the Fuck Down.  Knowing which one’s matter for listening and analyzing is important.  Positive moments that are opportunities to engage.  We want to transform our cutsomters into brand advocates from like to love.

The Coca-Coal joureny is a media solution of 19,000 pieces of conetn.  Wendy Clark and the Surge Movement.  There were petitions, emails, twitter and delivered via Amazon.  Direct distribution via real-time marketing at Surege.  Content is what inspires conversation.  To have a conversation Jonathan the CMO It’s more food to the pot-luck that is social.  25-34 laregest netwokr #AMERICAISBEAUTIFUL.  Have the cultural conversation storylin.  You need to have socially seeded sentiment.  Haterst hate.  A retweet is neutral, not influence.  Time is based on natural listening. Lovers like and leave. Force Multiplier and Classarket.

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