Audience in the United States.  Brand out, consistency, clarity, and scale.  “We’re all publishers now.”  You can outsource content marketing to agencies, but the core skill marketers need to have is contet.  By creating content at scale and appropriately distributing it through a content funnel you can grow lead generation.  Understanding the customer journey is not about loosing focus on quality conetn.  Content lives beyond blog posting and tweets.  It’s about resurfacing content to the customer.

Mathematicians and engineers are becoming soome of the most successful marketers today.  By understanding insights and analytics you can derive your bean counting.  Plant a seed and let the story unfold.  FrankenMarketers need to understand why we implement processes and encourage engagement about different methods to correlate to sales.

Technology is crucial for marketers to innovate and the ability to develop solutions to read data can uncover hidden insights.  Marketers need to continue to educate themselves through training courses of how to read customer data and communicatint that back to IT.  The CTO is now a cross hybrid between Marketing, Public Relations, and IT.  They help marketers to understand how to improve the customer journey with incremental revenue.

— CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot
— Graphic Design/Adobe Creative Suite: inDesign, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver
— Analytics: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools
— Marketing Automation: Silverpop Engage, Act On, MailChimp,
— CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
— Project management: Trello, Pro Work Flow

–Photo Management Software: Google Picasa, Iphoto

–Video Production
— E-commerce:
— Digital Marketing:
— Web Design:
— Social Media Strategy: (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Vizify,, more)
— Blog Platforms (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly),

–Email Marketing: Constant Contact

Certifications: Spanish, Html, Google Adwords

Most importantly marketers must have the functional expertise, personality attributes, serve as order takers, and have the ability to say “NO” to escalation of process or product developments.  Don’t be confrotational with engineers.  Explain content, platform, and data to strive toward a common gaol.  Be strategic, consultative, have the adeptitud to revaluate technology and partners.  You must have the ability to operate under uncertainty.  Be persistent, patient, and a motivator.  Some of the best marketers have spent time in market reserach.  City planners are great examples of this.  Marketers need to be interesting.  Most companies have the desire to promote within so pay your does and know your vision.  Conduct a brand tracking study and know your verbal identity.

Create 40 landing pages for 2015.



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