Introduce employees and get them on board. Have your employees post content and @mention your username or #hashtag your brand on Instagram to extend your reach even further. Get customers involved by asking customers and clients if they mind having their photo on Instagram. Mention username by adding it with a @ attached to the front—add a hashtag related to a product they love or bought and any sale or event context hashtag. Then ask your followers to post their finds and experiences related to those hashtags.  Initiate discussion by posing questions and asking for opinions from your followers. You can even create a sort of poll where users use one hashtag or another to state their opinion. Customers love to know that their opinion is valued, especially when they can see their feedback is going to further enhance their experience with your brand. Make themed posts. Daily, weekly and seasonal themes can make it easier to come up with regular content, and it also gives followers something to look forward to. Get followers to contribute by assigning a hashtag to your themes and asking them to post their own submissions. Share your product in a dynamic way. Have someone model with your product. Include a quote or statement that’s relevant to your industry. Announce to your existing customers that you have a new Instagram profile and ask them to follow you. Tell loyal clients across your platforms about your profile and offer them an incentive for following you. If you make a big deal, they’ll make it a big deal.


Instagram contests allow people to participate easily and on the go, and challenges can generate more activity around your brand.offering a prize for new Followers. Give away something that people will value without costing your business too much. Hold a contest among your colleagues to see who can get the most followers. Friendly competition can do wonders for inspiring creativity and no matter who wins, you’ll get more followers! Better yet, you can learn techniques from your colleagues to use yourself.


Engage with other Instagrammers’ photos. You reap what you sow. Engaging with others is one of the best ways to get people to visit your profile and follow you! Consider collaborating with other small local business to offer a contest or giveaway. Combining resources can make your follower count explode fast! Entertain your followers. Example? Issue a challenge for them to photograph themselves at your location for a chance to win a prize. Learn where your visitors are coming from, and use that source to find more potential followers. You can use Statigram to find out where people are coming from and focus on your most successful tactics and sources to bring more people in. Make a note to gather statistics (using whatever analytics tool your brand uses for on the site or platform you link to) to see how many people accessed the page through that link.  Make posts with links.


Find the user you want to block by searching for their username in the Explore tab. Go to their profile and tap the icon in the top-right corner. Select Block User. Blocked users are removed from your followers and can’t see or search for your profile or any of your posts. They can, however, @mention you–which will show up in your feed–and see your likes and comments on the content of any mutual followers you may have. Custom Audiences used across Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty. To learn more about Instagram Partners, please visit

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