Cheapoair, onetravel, fareportal, travelong, clubmiles, fare buzz, royal scenic, duke’s court  2,300 employees worldwide, 200+ Countries, 18M+ unique visitors per month

Fareportal has 900+ Agents located in 7 offices in 4 countries. These 900+ Agents produce a 4x conversion rate than our other two channels: Canada, Las Vegas, New York, UK, and India.

Rank, website, and % of visits:

  1. Expedia-13.36%
  2. Priceline-9.99%
  3. Cheapoair-7.36% (Focused on Air)
  4. Orbitz-6.56%
  5. Travelocity-6.49%
  6. Kayak-5.5%
  7. Hotwire-5.32%
  8. Yahoo! Travel-4.11%
  9. Travelzoo-3.1%
  10. OneTravel-2.73%

CheapoAir ranks #1 among OTAs in Speed, Availability, and Consistency

Fareportals’s 94% air; Domestic is 1.9B (45%); International 2.4b (55%)

Europe and LATAM

Domestic: Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, For Lauderdale, SAN Fran,

Expanding to Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, and India.  Award Winning App

Wire App Guide and Airline Booking. Trends in mobile are they book last minute, need to optimize user-friendly content and API. Have last minute inventory and exclusive rates on mobile.  Where is the advertising!

Fareportals Hybrid Travel Company is based on on our company-owned Travel Service centers in four countries and top tier brands. B2C VS B2B

Pegasus, Fareportal, Hotel beds, tourico, expedia affiliate network to one travel and cheapoair.

Hotelbeds, fareportal, tourico to fare buzz. (Give the option to book with us, pay at hotel)

Focused on booking engines; Determine if the inventory is suitable for their product line, the implementation process is feasible, alignment of goals, and then try a 90 day trial period

Heavily focused on apps:



  1. Consumers
  2. Retailers/Travel Agents
  3. Groups of Interest/Incentives
  4. Wholesaler-Knows to buy PR/svc with credit, but can’t demand in bulk to distribution
  5. Receptive/Incoming
  6. Corporate Travel-Wal-Mart (30% of Travel Pie Chart)


EBITDA-Profit after cost before tax


Disney makes no money from ticket to park.

  • Tours-people going somewhere for days/tour
  • Sightseeing-Set packages, 4 is half and 8 is full
  • Static-Set packages,




FIT-15% Lowest Prices (Our niche) For the Individual Traveler



OTA’s-35% marketing is about their brand/marketing


$, Not place-want and price we need and more occupancy is need.  We are matchmakers.  The company is rooted in negotiation from Israeli culture.  Never do a walk-in check-in at a Hotel. It’s always cheaper in advance.  The UK and Dubai have cameras in every country.







Rock-bottom price is lowest hotel price to B2B companies. Corporate does not get discount because they can pay more.


Providers of Traffic with Hotels to Airlines

  • Flash Sale ½ price, last minute sale
  • You must sign privacy policy
  • Goo 100+ pages on CRI and Personal Brand
  • Protect: Parents, technology, and passwords



1)         Run Faster

2)         Break Other LEAS


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