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NHS is an online, dynamic system which presents and monitors the up-to-moment situations. Currently includes modules, covering almost all details of products, sales, clients and technology items. NHS changes parameters dynamically and updates data on the different time basis for different modules. The data shown in NHS was originally from various departments and systems (like Back Office). 2/3 of the modules utilize QlikView as the main data visualization tool when graphs and tables are presented by the system.

In the following, we’ll give more detailed instructions on how to use NHS by several illustrations on certain major modules. Let’s begin to explore NHS now!

First, we type the NHS address above into your browser ( NHS supports various browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox.. etc.). The initial page is as below: ( First-time use may require log-in information, please ask for relevant staff for help)

There are 10 bars on the top.

Start: the starting page as above

Trends (Rare): Tendency lines showing trends on selected hotels and periods.

Details (Rare): Show Details on numbers

Heat Map (Rare): Using Map color to identify the sales performance\

Dash R, Dash CI (Rare): Performance Panel

Graphs (Often): Graphic demonstrations (Bar Chart, Pie Chart or Line Chart) showing the distribution or time-series data selected

Tables (Very Often): Analysis through Contingency Tables on specifically selected data here. Because Table option is the most used one in sales module, we just explain more here. We are attaching the table page as following:

Now we’ll attach explanations for some major options in above

Travel Criteria Options

Destination City The city name where the hotel locates
Service type you are using, Hotel/flight/car …..
Agency Client name
Agency Parent Agency name (One agency may contain several clients, which leads to many client names.)
Provider Provider name list

FIT Providers: LocalTgs and Hoboo Adapter

Direct Connect: Other Chain Providers

Source Country Country the client is from
Internal Status Reservation Status for the Hotel End
External Status Reservation Status for the Client End
PRB Whether the hotel is a PRB or not
Reservation Time Time when client made the reservation. You can use this to specify the search
Check-In Time Check-in time in the reservations made by clients according to the customers. You may use this to specify the search

Table Options

Compa… 1-Criteria table
xxxx..Hotels Hotel Details
Compare 2 2-Criteria Table, when you have 2 criteria
Compare 3 3-Criteria Table, when you have 3 criteria

Index Options

Gross Gross Revenue Sld_Ot Sold Outs
Bkng Number of Bookings Net Room Net Rate
%GP Percentage of Gross Profits ADR Room Average Daily Rate
$GP Actual Money Amount of Gross Profits Rm Nts Number of Room Nights
Lead Average Lead time Med LT Median of Lead Time
Trans S Transaction Size Av Pass Average Passengers
Stay Nights of Stay ADN Average Daily Net
Cncl Cancellation

First you select all the criteria you want in every options and then click the table option to drill the data. Double-Click the headers to sort the order of the column. When you select, single left-click the option and then you got the list. You can select a single value by left click it or select multiple ones by drag the pointer down after clicking the initial one. If you want to drop the option off, just left click it again or right click it and choose ‘Clear’:

Another very important tool is to export to Excel Files. Click the first left icon on the right corner of the green bar of the table:

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