sql 1



  1. Need to update
  2. Change Date to Database
  3. Change Cache
  4. Trigger-SQL


  • Select

o Count (*) clientcount, website.name

  • From

o Website

o Join Client onwebsite.websiteID = Client.WebsiteID

  • Group by

o Website.name

  • Order by

o Clientcount desc


Booking Failures-Database/Clients

Available Error (Implementation-bypass cacheing/How the customer is searching)

Subscriber Type-Subscribe to a specific notification


Execute-Stalled procedure in database; give an idea to do everything for you

Synchronization-solution for cacheing to update our applications

*Database is domains only; failure point; measured by  99%; huge loss of 8 hours with no bookings can result in 99.9999 minutes down

Cluster-group of servers

Storage, Software, server, hardware is other problems that affect the system going down (maintenance installation every week)

SQL-Kept in external storage

Disco-Disconnected Database

MSN Q-; sends messages to service

Don’t mess with a Sohan



notifies web service if database isn’t working; monitoring and sending emails to production send reservations in queue

NOC-Network Operating Control; Pingdom.com

Searches we are not using the database:

  1. ISP
  2. Load Balancer for ISP
  3. Anti Dos
  4. Firewall
  5. LB
  6. WS

Ping from the client depends on distance; “ping www.google.com/t


QA-Reproduce the problem; try it; open SOAPUI and do a search query; Reproduce and interview

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