Skip hotels entirely and instead rent a private home through sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO. These typically charge a cleaning deposit and booking fee, but companies’ websites should display these clearly and incremental fees for use of equipment or amenities are uncommon.  “Loyalty programs are the best way to avoid extra fees and surcharges since loyalty programs typically offer fee waivers,” Melanie Nayer, a travel journalist, and hotel expert told CNN.

Groupon has a section devoted to last-minute travel deals, but you’ll find savings in its general travel section as well. Plenty of travel booking sites are offering promo codes for additional savings on top of promoted deals.] find such discounts, look for them on travel package sites’ social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. You’ll also get access to flash sales that may only be promoted to social media followers.  You also may get an additional discount by downloading and booking through a travel site’s mobile app. A recent TNS Global vacation survey found that 14 percent of Americans will book their travel through a mobile app — and the industry wants to boost that number. So sites will offer incentives, like a hotel booking through its app.  Finally, it’s worth it to create an account at a cashback site like, which adds an extra layer of discounts to the deals companies are offering. Here’s how it works: You click on the links through FatWallet’s portal on your way to book your trip at a travel site, and FatWallet will give you a certain percentage of cash back on the booking. You only need to create an account with FatWallet using a valid email address.

FatWallet’s new Hotel Deals portal offers up to 10 percent cash back at 100 popular online travel sites such as Priceline, Expedia, and However, as the number of last-minute booking applications grows, travel marketers will need to adopt newer technologies such as Apple Pay and Touch ID to offer streamlined in-app payment options and remain competitive (see story).  Last Minute Travel Deals is also working on a plethora of other mobile enhancements for the near future to ensure that it keeps one foot ahead of its competition, including apps for the Apple Watch, Android smartwatches and Android tablets. The transformation of our distribution platform into an open marketplace is a major step for the group and reflects a new approach. Accor has more than 3,000 hotels in its portfolio globally and hopes to increase to about 10,000 hotels displayed on its website by 2018.


Expedia 15%, Priceline, Booking, Hot 4%, EasyClickTravel, Hotelopia; WOW Factor

  •        Air Miles is fastest growing company; Don’t beg/Threaten size
  •        Don’t sound desperate


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