Band Playing, Nick Valencia Introduction. 40 year video shoot documentary over the last few months I had worked on. ..


Extraordinary power, the american dream is a reality, 30 out of 30,000 students at UCLA, student registration card, overcome the belief that they couldn’t go to college. It was in our brains, hearts, emotions. Walk out, conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, equittted, Masters of film in US. “Our livers are in our hands” Love of country, family, and creator. National Associations of LI Producers. The most interesting man of the world. Montezuma Pharza, son of this country, part of this land, being Latino is whatever you say it is, not to be defined, but anyone in yourself. Latinos are in charge, love our food, love family patriotic, here to work and contribute, Hollywood creates images for the world. Common belief of helping others is the best thing we can do in life. True leaders don’t create other followers, they create other leaders.

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