When you buy online, you usually pay a higher price. Internet elevates margin because we can see how it’s done.

  • All Inclusive Meals, boards, and destinations
  • No XML for cruise
  • Moving Resort; Markup 10% with a 6% discount
  • Cross border selling is tricky for US and Canada
  • Direct Bill and Net Commission
  • B2B to do better packaging


Major Cruise Lines-The Ultimate Vacation

  • 40% Carnival
  • Other 9

TOP 3:

  1. Carnival-Family and Party; carnival party boat; centralized availability/Amadeus; Royal Caribbean (20%); 10-16% Commission with Royal
  2. Royal-Family (20-15 boats); Royal Caribbean: “Virtual Balcony.” Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines aims to enhance its passengers’ travel experience with the “Virtual Balcony” created by Control Group. For RCCL’s new “Quantum of the Seas” ship, the tech-innovation firm created digitally-enabled faux balconies that give each stateroom a real-time live-streamed view of the sea, complete with guard rail. The firm consulted with MIT and Harvard scientists to help ensure the experience would be motion-sickness-free.
  3. Norwegian-Freestyle (Has the best Food and Entertainment)




  • If you use net rates, you need to bundle

You are seeing a lot of the cruise lines Moving to China. Under 35% of North Americans have a passport, but Disney has best quality and islands for the Disney freaks with the Disney Fantasy last the best boat. Cruises have been dubbed the “Best Vacation Period”.  The World Cruise is for 140 days and River cruise is another great cruise line. Deployment is evenly spread, but Florida is closer to the Caribbean and South America/Caribbean, which is more affordable to exotic travelers. has great organic SEO on Yahoo and Google and is the B2C tool.

Cruise lines have to pay attention to GSA (General Services Administration) or local representatives in Mexico. QUANTUM OF THE SEAS is known as having the best Wi-Fi with Bionic Robots in the world.  Cruise lines make their most money on-board with onboard amenities. South Caribbean has best parts. Most cruise lines have their own private islands,

Cruise/Block Group Space/ 120 Days Cancellation policy, but you can’t block more than 50+. New York people want to go to Bermuda or the Bahamas and people want to go to the Caribbean out of Miami. North America doesn’t require to include gratuity and groups can obtain credits. The voice of John F. Kennedy talks of humanity’s connection to the sea in a stylistic spot for Carnival cruises.


Override Commissions

In order to strengthen relationships with clients because they pay on time, pay well.  Social Media in Travel and Tourism Awards in 2014. T+L Smitty awards. The Priceline Group Inc. today announced that it will invest an additional $250 million in International, Ltd. (NASDAQ: CTRP) (“Ctrip”), China’s leading online travel company. This investment follows a commercial relationship established between the two companies in 2012, which was expanded in August 2014 along with the $500 million investment by The Priceline Group.  Immediately following the issuance of the new $250 million bond and assuming conversion of the two bonds, The Priceline Group will own securities representing approximately 10.5% of Ctrip’s outstanding shares. The two companies will continue their existing commercial partnership, whereby accommodations inventory is cross-promoted between the brands.



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