In the hospitality industry, we have to be watching for shifts in what guests want. Both in the leisure and business travel markets, the younger generation isn’t slowly creeping in. Look into Netflix Algorithm; Data Marketing is also in high interaction with trade shows like POW WOW.  The Marketing department gets information in the industry from LinkedIn, Information from people, tradeshows, hotelbeds, and b2c.  A problem is that sometimes they just don’t have enough time.  The marketing department likes to get their trends from press pages, news sites of CNN, and other brands. A great example of a marketing campaign that the department likes is Disney Leap year where you can get in free to frozen. They can utilize PhoCusWright, or a research for travel market research firms, to find insider information. Strategy: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Fear.  No Brand Awareness for the Consumer and lack of International Presences in China/LATAM.


Competitive Advantage: Fast WS response, inventory they are not able to obtain. Disadvtg: Limited number of hotels with dynamic inventory and secondary markets. Better in Last minute inventory, exclusive deals, rates, mapping, and giving optimized content.  How can we work together to create loyalty programs?  Customers and prospects that are searching with intent, will now find you on Google based on what is being said, and trending on Twitter. Your content will not only be visible for Twitter users but visible to anyone using Google. With Twitter having 288 million active users per month and Google having 3.5 billion searches per day, this means, that now your brand’s tweets will not just reach millions of impressions but billions of impressions. PS-Marketing Opportunities create and promote incentives for H2H Clients. Humans are motivated by what they don’t have. RMM calendar

Business Analytics, Innovation, Flexibility. Hotels and Attractions. Advantage complete shelf of product AND Technology is core.


  1. American Hotel & Lodging Association 


Whatsapp has gained heavy traction in the use of millennials. One innovative company that is using Whatsapp to its full extent is the Chocolate Brand-Klik #

Facebook -$19 Billion; We can overtake traditional SMM with “Broadcasts Lists” in Whatsapp by promoting mobile numbers for users to text join and add to their contact list.  Like BCC, meaning contact info is shared; the same message on the list, but not each individual list member does not see if some got the same message as well. You can unsubscribe by sending STOP when somebody sends more than 3 Messages in one day.  Limit the contacts list to no more than 250 contracts.  Whatsapp is great for collecting information about surveys, customer service, advertising, and work organization. Mexico is 1 out of the 4 fastest growing markets for Whatsapp.  Remember that real-time marketing is a problem in  EU due to data protection.


  1. Arabian Travel Market
  2. ITB Asia
  3. THE 100 Club Summit
  4. ITB Berlin
  5. IPW-International Pow Wow
  6. World Travel Market
  7. NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference

booth with  Giveaways,; but the events can be expensive like the Happy Hour. VIP are clients that can grow in tradeshows. Marketing uses Businesswire for press releases #bwchat. Tradeshows-Talk to same clients; reach in the market in US, UK, France, Bennelux: World Travel Market, ITBC, Germany, and Regional Dinner with clients. They create a “What’s happening at Tourico and how do we become part of it.”

  • Academy
  • Increase in Clients
  • More Client Appreciation events





Ranking/Web Placement/Presentation to Sales

Every Monday at 9AM, Marketing has a follow-up email with mARKETING MANAGER  and allows PS to have a speaking ability/be a guest speaker

Build Relationships with Marketing

  1. RMM and Sales Team
  2. Raise Partnership Dollars
  3. Read Emails
  4. Digital/Print Materials
  5. What tools can you use

PROMOTIONS (Promotions/Events)

Promotions for a source market are usually much more effective than promotions for a single client.Client promotions are usually initiated by a request from the Sales Manager. Here, we had a list of hand-picked deals in specific cities requested by one of our partners. We usually don’t get the request from the Product Manager to work with a client.

  1. PRB-Exclusive Deals; 350 Million
  2. PPA-
  3. POP
  4. FIT Contracts-32/2 rule

CONTESTS: Reactive instead of proactive


Use for research, peer recommendations, to share a travel experience, personal reasoning for traveling, follow a brand advocate, and Klout amenities/peeks for sharing experience, and explorers can create user-generated content. Many companies are Invested in super bowl ads or at parties with Las Vegas Girls.  better job at utilizing Slideshare, Pinterest, or Instagram – some of the biggest traffic aggregator. Other Improvements include Social Selling strategy, increasing low views on Youtube Videos.  Weekly time commitment should be 1-5 HRS (5%) OF A 45 HR WORK WEEK.

TRAVEL INDUSTRY TWITTER CHATS:#tripadvisorchat, #traveltrivia

  • Fastest growing group on Pinterest in Men, Social Media Marketing Magazine, Ken Herron
  • SOCIAL MEDIA WALLETS Facebook, Buy Buttons on Twitter



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