How often do you watch TV?  Your answer is probably less and less.

Social TV is always on. Dropcam, WeChat, Tencent, Waze, , and Yelp are some of the new emerging platforms. Instagram has allowed marketers to funnel 117 million mobile users by gender, age, demographics, geographic location, and interests.

How often do you have your phone? Probably a 100 times a day on apps like CVS, Starbucks, and Spotify.Taxi Apps in China can now allow people to push to talk, bid to win, and allow the companies to have real time tracking.The Ritz-Carlton alone took 75% percent of their investment in social in China for 2015.

Mobile marketers can now also leverage QR codes for:

  1. Payment
  2. Information (Nutrition Info, Business Card Exchange)
  3. Promotions (Billboard, Advertising)
  4. Passcode (Coupons, Rewards, Tickets, Check-Ins)

Social TV is a passion-based tool. ¬†Don’t try the spray and pray tactic.

Email/CRM getting them to use products. ¬†People are wearing fitness devices like Jawbone UP to shape up to Uncle Tony’s standards. Meanwhile¬†Google Self-drive cars, flying drones, and scannables are emerging quickly for the future of technology companies.

However, the best way to target your audience is to activate them by leveraging your current CRM database to drive organic conversation in one of the top 3 categories according to Social Shake-Up Panelists:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Tumblr//Sino/Weibo/Wechat/Twitter

You don’t want to be fragmented. Have open mind and use visuals to stimulate. ¬†Be more campaign focused on Facebook. ¬†Build brand love, preference. ¬†Foursquare has been great for travel and run multiple campaigns on Instagram. ¬†Pinterest is a value add content to re-create distribution. Brand concept is based on memories as it happens. ¬†Twitter is more informational and serves as a news source. LinkedIn is more B2B, healthcare, and government. Has a great social selling perspective. Pair it down and make it relevant based on the social platform’s video capabilities. ¬†There’s a reason there is a billion video views on Youtube per day now — video marketing is the best way to tell stories.

Grow¬†your brand in a new space where you are small to help businesses grow.¬†Hyperlapse and you are short-term. Don’t forget about TripAdvisor. Brands are coming more direct from the travel category and the travel tips on foursquare serve a great purpose.

Your core audience you can best reach with facebook advertising by demographics, geographic location, interests, fans, friends of fans.  Lookalike Facebook data is also beneficial for segmenting more advertising. Expand your brand presences, grow it, and demand performance with targeting the right people vs. reach. The Power Editor Tool can also be great for retargeting on Facebook.

Final Thought: “There’s no thing as low interest category, there’s such a thing as low interest marketing.”

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