Some Tourism Numbers  STATS


  • 500+ Airlines (90% is commercial traffic)
  • 250,000+ Hotels over the world
  • Metro Orlando is #1 size Maga Hotel  in World with 137,000 rooms
  • New York has the most hotel rooms of around 67,000, Las Vegas is #2, then Tokyo, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Paris, Barcelona…etc..
  • In 1845, there were 165k travelers
  • Strongest day for booking is Wednesday


  • 162 Million searches per day; 667 Billion searches per year— More than Orbitz and Travelocity combined; 4900+ clients across 100 source countries; Every 10 seconds someone who books with us checks us into someone in the world
  • in first page of  80% OTAs worldwide
  • PRB: 28%, Direct Connect: 15%; FIT: 57%
  • 1.         $12.3 Million -> Call Centers
  • 2.         $17 Million -> White Labels
  • 3.         $58 Million -> Over BO or B2C
  • 4.         $112 Million -> B2B
  • 5.         $604 Million -> XML


  • Overall Top 20 Searching Destinations


  1. London                              11. San Francisco
  2. Paris                                  12. Berlin
  3. New York                          13. Amsterdam
  4. Orlando                             14. Bangkok
  5. Miami                                 15. Los Angeles
  6. Las Vegas                         16. Chicago
  7. Rome                                 17.Venice
  8. Barcelona                          18.Hong Kong
  9. Madrid                                19.Prague
  10. Dubai                                  20.Kissimmee



  • Switzerland uses last minute travel; UAE is spontaneous and has long stays
  • Denmark/Sweden takes 9 months because it is cold and easy to plan and book
  • British people=42; suffered a 36% cancellation rate
  • Global Lead Time=27
  • Spain/Portugal are not traveling; decreased lead time because the economy has not recovered; the have a conservative salary; Italians are traveling more in couples on their honeymoon
  • Hotels don’t negotiate with individual but brand
  • If Lead Time is low, Average Length of stay is low, then Average Transaction size is high
  • San Francisco is a tough city to contract, while Nashville is the hottest because we haven’t been contracting locally
  • You need someone who can move traffic; DC Hotels + locations
  • Israelis are spontaneous with a sea or flight; the political situation causes more travel


*We know if booked/or not; 15% of bookings are done with GPE; don’t bid if it’s lower than 10%; we just don’t compete

Discounts for canceling: Increased late lead-time, and no cancellation rate, and decreased average stay, increased discount penalty, and PRB.

Yield Rules of 6,000/night in New York.  Purchase a Whole Theater for 700-800/night for example to a Broadway show of Book of Mormons, Lion King, etc.  Have geocode of every TA; notification for certain things.  Bottleneck unlimited searches and use empty push-booking failures. Yield Rule is defined as combining and comparing for $.


Fastest growing segment is cars because of Sam’s Club Look at booking: gross; Depends on transaction #, depends on length of stay. 2.25 coming with kids;

NORTH AMERICA-Couples                  EUROPE-Single

LATIN AMERICA-Family                       ASIA-Single

Greece may note leave


JET Buzz

  • Lazy Clients
  • Example of Lions
  • Once you register, you can see what you are interested in
  • Great marketers filter great from average and want to do something about it




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