Mapping is a hotel data reflection process from our end to client end. Assuming that hotels are the goods we have in our inventory, what mapping is doing is actually delivering our product list to client’s hands so that they would know what we have. Once the customer wants to buy something from clients, clients just take these lists out of the pocket( Certainly other lists from other suppliers) and call us to ask the prices and availability(Searching). Then clients would give the customer the best one they get and make orders (Booking).

Mapping is the base stone of the whole integration process. All Online Booking procedures following after are based on successful mappings. Hotels would remain unknown to clients forever if they are not mapped, not to mention anything else. Mapping is not always the problem; sometimes it’s a placement and price problem.  The Goal of mapping is to follow-up with customer on performance and understand the income customer gets by mapping. Some companies can use automatic mapping, but mapping by room type is a manual process.

Mapping has limitations for potential destinations, client restrictions (Isblocked), and manual mapping – implications. Technology departments will also need to pitch selling mapping and show the ROI of it by providing creative solutions to clients and IT companies alike.  It’s important to check the gross with newly mapped hotels.

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