GOAL: Promote Registrations for WEBSItE, drive traffic to WEBSITE, or a post that can be placed in 3rd party sites to drive traffic to our blog.  Convert 1,000 member subscriptions by April.


  • Blog post per week – (5 total)
  • Find Campus influential leaders that can promote registrations WEBSITE on a Rev. Share model
  • Gain Exposure to blog and each of our B2C sites



  • 400-600 words long, Keyword (55 Characters), Meta Description (140 Characters), 2 Image file name and Alt Tags, Links and Anchor Text, Mobile Optimization, Other Blog Elements, and potential video
  • Send to colleagues
  • Send Revisions to Marketing Department/Design for infographics/images
  • Share article on Social Media Thursday night based on audience peak times on social media



Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator and how to think up a year’s worth of blog posts article are awesome tools for helping you create fantastic blog titles.

  • How Millennials Are Using Mobile in Travel
  • The Top Language Apps for Travelers
  • From Airbnb to Uber
  • Lights, Camera, Events!
  • The Luxury of Cruises-Publish in Luxury Travel Blog



  • Outbrain
  • SMM
  • HootSuite: Track links through with CT’s
  • 1-1 Engage with Influencers list created by Benjamin
  • Twitterfeed: Monitor your RSS feed and updates your Facebook and Twitter accounts when you have a new blog post.
  • Lead Capture from Articles: RSS Feed, Newsletter sign up, site registration, and landing pages.
  • Watermark Pinterest photos and pin your blog articles.
  • Chats on Twitter: #BlogChat:
  • Link building on influential travel blogs, total of 100 new links added.
  • Google indexes Twitter



  • Audience: Millenials and travelers that expect shared multimedia content.
  • Deliver that by engaging with fan base of BRAND
  • Number of article views
  • Blog subscription growth
  • Most popular articles (author, content, channel)
  • Number of inbound links/CPA
  • Number of Social Media Shares
  • Number of Comments
  • Conversions to memberships



  • FeedBurner: Who is accessing your content and what they are clicking on.
  • Google Analytics/Do we have Optimizely?



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