No matter how effective our previous social media tools were, they did not solve the issues of needing proxies, managing multiple accounts, and mixing up the accounts so they don’t look like blatant self promotion. Tools are helpful, but not an end all solution with how quickly the social media marketing industry evolves.



HootSuite is the the most popular third-party application for Twitter, Hootsuite allows you to send and read tweets, schedule them for later, organize followers by theme, create lists of Twitter users without actually following them (great for competition), and you can send to other applications like Facebook and LinkedIn as well. The basic version is free. Collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard, launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audiences, and distribute targeted messages, provide custom reports using the comprehensive social analytics tools for measurement.


Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media channels through one dashboard.  It allows you to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard, launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audiences, distribute targeted messages, and provide custom reports using the comprehensive social analytics tools for measurement.


Create your own dashboard and fill it with columns containing the tweets of interest to you. Tabs allow you to group and organize all your social media content so you can easily browse through and find what you need.  You can organize your tabs.  You can streamline the information flow of your networks into streams.  Streams are just a column of information that help you easily monitor social media. You can add up to 10 streams for tabs and have multiple social media profile streams under one tab.Go to your streams account and add your social networks. You can add multiple profile accounts with following stream ideas:

  • Lists
  • Search Results
  • Your tweets
  • Tweets mentioning you
  • Sent Tweets
  • Direct Messages
  • Important industry trends or topics by #hashtag
  • Special events you plan to attend or at which you’ll be speaking
  • Competition: Private list for their accounts


Member overview page you can view  your profile, organizations you belong to, and the social networks you belong to.  You can edit within your profile


Hootsuite Mobile App enables you to take social media with you on the go.  Online conversations happen quickly and they don’t stop when you get away from your desk.  When using Hootsuite dashboard from a mobile device, your existing tabs and streams are automatically imported to your device.  You can also auto-schedule your messages to publish at optimal devices on the mobile dashboard. You can respond to messages, view stats, and grow your audience.


You can monitor social networks for messages relevant to your brand by using the search and keyword streams functionality to monitor your brand, industry and competition. Use streams to monitor your brand, industry and competitors.  Keyword streams allow you to monitor up to 3 keywords.  Use search to monitor relative terms and hashtags.  You should use lists in hootsuite also to better organize them into groups.

Creating Job Searches

You can add stream for LinkedIn Jobs into a stream as well. Hootsuite easily integrates with over 100 apps including Gmail, Instagram, YouTube and Evernote in the App Directory.

Publishing Messages

Easily access compose box at the top of your dashboard.  Select one or multiple channels to publish at once.  Use profile favoriting and pinning to save even more time.  You can retweet two ways but it is better to do the old school method.  Go to preferences in settings and deselect use Twitter Web Retweets. Type dm and a space to send direct messages.  Making your customers feel acknowledged and appreciated is one of teh key wasy to engage customers and build your online brand.

Using Plugin Aps

Send social media content to third party applications.   You can attach images by selecting the paper clip icon.  Be sure to shorten links.  You can use and  Use schedule tweets and autoschedule to optimize your posts for best reach.

Using the Hootlet

Using the Hootlet chrome extension you can find targeted content using Google, Google Maps and Yelp and reply or retweet right from your browser window.  You can edit those options in your extension options.  Allows you to easily share content over your social networks without leaving the page you’re on.

Utilzing the Hootfeed

Enhances your engagement at conferences.  Go to to track media reactions for amplificaiton.  Hootfeed allows more interaction with your audience.

Hootsuite Collaboration

Add Hootsuite Conversations for Collaboration. Organize your team into marketing, sales, etc.  You can also disabel social organization if you are enterprise.  Approved and client messaging makes this feature valuable. Teams and organizations can communicate without ever leaving the dashboard.  You can also share your teams streams to see which tweets need adressing. Hootsuite drafting allows you to create a bank of preapproved messaging to repsond to common quesitons.  You can also share your drafts with your team.  Drafts allow you to cut down on customer service and allow for consistent messaging in your teams workflow. Analytics

Used to measure egagement with your shared links over time.  Owly Clicks Summary analytics of your twitter interactions. The link shortner provides indepth analytics for your links.  Set up continous reports for your twitter accounts to be updated daily. analytics provide instant insight into acc0unt activity.

Twitter and Facebook Reports

Hootsuite offers template reports for Twitter and Facebook analytics.  Templates can be customized by account and data range.  Export reports as a .csv or a PDF document.

Advance practices with Hootsuite Mobile

Hootsuite Mobile lets you assign tweets to team members.  You can assign messages from shared streams to your team and team members, easily see assigned messages on mobile and web browsers, and continue collaboration and audience engagement on the go.

Advanced Listening with Hootsuite Pro

Advanced search helps you narrow your focus such as socia media -strategy. Setting up advanced streams can help customer service teams find the right information and solve issues quickly. Advanced search tactics uses Twitter search operators to fine-tune your search query.  You can filter for a specific timeline such as #socialmedia since:2014-05-01. You can also search for questions.  You can do geosearch as well.  You can see past examples of query search. Archive space is limited, so plant to export regularly.

Filtering messages in the stream

You can filter your streams by keyword and by Klout. Filter it by Klout score, or how influential someone is on social media.  This helps you to identify inluencers to help amplify your messages.  You can also filter down to keyword questions to ensure your customers are attended to.  Filtering allows you to prioritize your communications. The archiving feature allows you to archive results from a keyword search so you can refer back to your messages at a later time.  Archiving allows storage and retrieval of important data.  Very useful for regulated industries with security purposes.

Geosearch allows you to track reactions to events or certain areas.  Allow for a targeted search within 25km radius of your current IP address. Click what’s here from Googel Maps to obtain geo-codes from Google Maps. geocode:#,30mi.  Geotargeting allows you to optimize your social media efforts.

Listening tactics with Hootsuite App

Create a separate tab for listening apps.  Look at audience lifestyles to undersand their interests. Use apps like Trendspotter to find trends in your industry.

Monitoring Multiple Channels

Organize streams by workflow like Marketing, Competition, Listening, Sales, etc.  organize tabs by store location or individualized accounts. Organize tabs by marketing campaigns. PR & Marketing teams often set up tabs to monitor mentions of their executive teams to monitor CEO’s. The App Directory offers apps to help you gather more detailed information about your audience such as GoPollGo and Social Bro.

Discovering your audience

Listen to what your customers are talking about.  Analyze your twitter audience with socialbro.  The GoPollGo app allows you to ask specific questions. Build your online community with Get Satisfaction.  There are a number of social networks that are popular outside of North America. You can tune into international conversations with the App Directory now and add international apps such as Xing and Viadeo. Hootsuite auto-populates a tab when you set up a new social network by default. Create different tabs for your company by: department, location or product to monitor global brands.

Bulk Scheduling & Publisher

Save time and schedule multiple messages at once.  You can enter them in a csv file and schedule up to 200 messages at a time.  The format for date is month, date, year and uses military time. Make sure links are in quotation marks.”  Access your scheduled messenger by viewing publisher. You can also add RSS feeds. Bulk scheduling allows you to draft and schedule a queue of messages in advance.   You can use drag and drop menus for to save time.  You have past messages as well.  The Publisher allows you to edit and view all of your scheduled messages from various accounts. How may this  be helpful if you’re managing accounts for multiple clients? You can filter messages by social network.  You can utilize require approval from a manager to approve messages.

Suggested Content

Brings you more curation and targeted content for your topics based on your sharing and curation habits. Discover rich and engaging content with your fans to share on social media.  Discover rich and engaging content to read with your fans and followers.  You need to choose twitter profiles to generate suggestions, choose the profiles where content will go.  Review suggestions, select or replace and click schedule to complete.

Using RSS Feeds

Add RSS Feed in settings to rss/atom and add that feed from bloggers.

Instead,  using the Twitter Tab for Facebook app to link your tweets to your facebook page. Incredible curation tools guide  via @scoopit to spread social messages, monitor conversations and track results. In the beginning, I started with the ‘Quick Start’ guide. At the Help Desk, you’ll find a library of tutorials for learning about features or solving problems, and a Community Help Forum to exchange with other HootSuite fans.  If you wish to add more social accounts and news feeds, you need a Pro plan.  Accented Spanish characters like ñ and ü cause issues with the upload process. In some instances the upload would return 500 Internal Errors when using the Bulk Scheduling feature of HootSuite.


With MarketMeSuite, you can build client relationships and organic, targeted leads very quickly. It can update Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools rapidly and lets you manage multiple apps, schedule posts and allows multiple users to login at any time.


This is actually more than just a social media management tool. It’s a tool that
allows you to integrate search, social, email and publicity into on all-encompassing


This web application, now part of Google, helps you to integrate your traditional promotions such as sweepstakes, contests and giveaways with interactive sites
such as Facebook and Twitter.


Another organizing tool, Sprout Social manages multiple social networks
from one dashboard, allowing you to optimize your outreach in each channel, identify
people interested in your brand and convert them to loyal consumers.


The beauty of Crowdbooster is that it lets you manage your social media profiles while also providing suggestions on how to improve your engagement and
interaction. This is perfect for the businessperson on-the-go who doesn’t have much
time to analyze data and derive insights of their own.


TweetDeck Social media dashboard application for management of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Pricing is free and is used by anyone.  Social media dashboard application for management of Twitter and Facebook along with MySpace and LinkedIn.  Pricing is free.  Customer base: anyone, Like HootSuite, TweetDeck provides a way to track many of your social media channels on one dashboard. It can be a time-saver and a productivity-enhancer, assuming you’re not easily distracted.


This social media management tool allows you to publish across multiple
platforms while also monitoring your brand mentions across the social web.


This analytics-based social listening tool allows you to see each mention of
your brand along with analytics about it. Viral Heat also shows you overall trends concerning your brand.


Meant for small- to medium-sized businesses, Conversocial lets you set up automatic moderation to delete or flag posts based on keywords, drives all comments to your email inbox, sets up a team workflow and provides limited analytics.


ExactTarget’s social media management platform is perfect for companies
who have multiple people contributing to their social media campaigns. In addition to
organizing and monitoring your Twitter and Facebook pages, it allows you to assign
Tweet this e-book to your friends by clicking here. updates and social streams to members of your team based either on their expertise or who is “on duty” at a certain time.


ThisMoment is the only software platform that helps brands build and
manage immersive, high-engagement brand experiences across the web, social and
mobile simultaneously.


This platform is ideal for larger social media campaigns with multiple people monitoring and executing the program. In addition to aggregating social network information, the Hub allows marketers to set up workflows in order to coordinate efforts across a marketing team.


Built with multiple-location business or franchises in mind, Expion allows corporate offices to oversee and manage each of their locations’ individual social media
accounts while still allowing store managers or franchisees to have some control over
the account. This helps brands maintain continuity across locations while still allowing
for regional-based promotions or content relevant only to the local stores.


Perfect for mid-sized businesses, this tool helps you control
your presence across different platforms, manage multiple social media accounts from
one platform, establish multiple user access levels, and monitor incoming traffic.


Designed for small businesses, Postling helps organize and update your social media accounts, alerts you when your accounts are active, and searches Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and more to see who is talking about your brand.


If you’re easily distracted, NutshellMail may be the tool for you. This tool,
much like TweetDeck, helps you track all of your social media channels, but instead of
constant updates, sends you a single email per day describing your accounts’ activity.


This platform aggregates, manages and monitors your social media activity, with a focus on hard numbers and measurable outcomes. They also have a few
cool additional features including their Tweet-to-Lead tool, which allows you to turn all
tweets into new Salesforce leads and a mobile component that allows you to receive
SMS updates or even text updates to your accounts.


This platform helps manage brands and promote marketing messages at
the local level with a web-based Marketing Resource Management solution. Their solutions are easily adaptable for any type of local network – sales channels, franchises, retailers, dealer networks, VAR Programs, distributed employees/offices, affiliates and


Socialbakers is a user friendly social media analytics platform which provides a leading global solution that allows brands to measure, compare, and contrast
the success of their social media campaigns with competitive intelligence.


This is a powerful suite of marketing, sales, social media management, and
collaboration tools that provide businesses and individuals with everything they need to
Tweet this e-book to your friends by clicking here. build their brands online. No third-party plugins or applications necessary. Venntive is
the most comprehensive business solution on the market.


Social Media tools



Think social networking is confined to Facebook
and Twitter? Think again. Crowd Factory, part of the Marketo family, lets you embed
social elements into any marketing experience including videos, emails, ads and more.


Not to be confused with Sprout Social, this cloud based software company creates interactive ads and applications perfect for bringing social content to the web and mobile devices.


This software as a service company creates a social
community right on your website that provides a place for your brand advocates to
converse, tools to spread the word about your product through social channels and
even generate ideas for innovation.


Enhance your Facebook page by creating custom applications that allow your brand to do things such as integrate with Google Maps or Yelp, post HD videos, run sweepstakes, and more.


Provides applications that allow you to easily add polls, RSS feeds, quizzes, music, contests and more to your Facebook and Twitter Pages.


This company helps your company create promotions specifically tailored to your social media channels.


Cool tool lets you collect photos, videos, tweets, and other social media content to create a single, integrated story that you can embed anywhere.

MANAGEFLITTER lets you manage your community efficiently by cultivating your followers on Twitter and making important connections to build your business.  It organizes your followers into influencers, top supporters, and engaged twitter users.  By grouping, you can focus on influential users and those who have shared your content.  An advantage of this tool is the ability to sort your list according to “most recent” or “highest rating,” which shows your top influences based on their algorithm.  Also a “Consider to follow” feature that gives a list of people to follow based on previous conversations, retweets, and the followers who have been engaging with you.



Allows you to initiate your customer acquisition lifecycle by pinpointing those that could be the most receptive and engaging with them in the most personalized manner. Let us help you raise awareness and build your customer base by converting your competitors’ customers.  They started from a no marketing budget and understood that Twitter is pleasing the end user.  They believe in ranking people who carries the most influence based on number of followers, rich data profiles, gender keyword, geo-targeted location, and using predictive analytics to turn influencers into your greatest evangelists as a digital street team.  A Twitter description can only tell you so much, so they aggregate from Peer index, Klout, Social 123, while also comparing and contrasting multiple brands.  It allows you to make actionable tactics with lists such as following them, schedule tweets, and adding to twitter lists.  They believe highly targeted following conversion rates are better and everything should be personalized to cultivate the audience.


Find questions people are asking by setting up a campaign and inserting keywords for the questions people are most likely to ask in your industry.  By helping people, you’re able to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and gain new followers.  Your engagement with them could also help in getting them to follow you back after you have followed them.


Find influencers who tweet your website.  It will identify users who have referred the most visits and page views to your website via twitter.


Allow you to automatically follow those who follow you, send direct messages automatically to new followers.


Provides reach and impressions stats, alerts you whenever someone tweets a link to your website, identifies influencers and integrates with Google Analytics to see how twitter activity is affecting your website traffic.


Maps out your Twitter network so you can see whom you interact with most and what they’re saying.


Search public Twitter Lists, but the stats that accompany the lists are great and allow you to see how often the list pushes tweets and what they’re talking about.


Makes it easy to find people you should be following.  You can search for new followers by location, who they are following and keywords that they have recently tweeted about.










Incentivize, recognize, and reward people for their social engagement, influence and spending.  Competitive advantage: customer relationship and loyalty program.  Customer base: Pepsi, Miami Dolphins, Sony music, zumiez, live nation


Marketing Solutions, Facebook Fan Page, Parnter Ecosystem, Sign up forms, Social Digest, Fan Action Page, Fan Incentives, Fan Finder, Email Campaigns, Competitive advantage-fan management and marketing platform, Social Digest, Partner Ecosystems.  Pricing: 0, 5.99, 19.99, and 49.99.  Customer base: Samsung, LiveNation, Coca-Cola, Hertz, Verizon, Sears








Engage customers, manage conversations, and report results across leading social networks, able to make it easier for brand team collaboration.  Competitive advantage: customer service.  Pricing:  5 credits for $7000/year (or under $600/mo), 15 credits, and $18000/mo.  Customer base: brands like Ford, Starbucks, Pepsi, and Southwest Airlines


Social CRM Feature and WHOA.


Send updates to multiple networks from one place and Manage teams.  Similar to CoTweet.  Competitive advantage is that it has an awesome interface and design.  There are 3 plans.  Small Biz-$39/month, Comparable to TweetDeck (no collaboration features).  Deluxe.  $59/month.  Comparable to CoTweet.  Premium is $899/month.  Why such a big gap?  They’ll step in and provide support/agency services.  “Agency Customer Segmentation.” The customer base has a great segmentation between SMB and enterprise


More focused on media/content creation, not.  Series of product lines consist of ProfileBuddy.  Create interactive content for Facebook and Twitter.  Ability to use CSS templates & custom style sheets.  ReachBuddy.  ProfileBuddy for embedding content on websites, not just social networks.  ConversationBuddy.  Similar to TweetDeck/HootSuite.  Publish updates, respond to tweets, etc. BuyBuddy  allows you to have social ad management similar to BLiNQ, Add Facebook ads.  It allows you to measure success ConversionBuddy tracks conversions to ecommerce platforms.  They use custom URLs.  Their competitive advantages are that they provide comprehensive solutions – they have a ton of products that can hit different markets.  They have more convenience.  These guys do almost everything accept the social CRM aspect.  Customer base is more Enterprise (more consumer-facing brands) such as L’Oreal, HP, Mattel, and Virgin Mobile


Vitrue Publisher is similar to HootSuite, TweetDeck, etc. – publish, schedule, and respond to updates on multiple networks Twitter, FB, and G+.  Don’t support even some networks that TweetDeck does, though.  LinkedIn, Foursquare.  No talk of analytics for Twitter. Vitrue Tabs Custom design for Facebook tabs.  Target designs to go to people based on.  Location.  Keywords.  Is this still applicable with the new timeline design? Vitrue Shop is an Ecommerce integration with Facebook.  Dashboard to view all products and the associated price.  Push those purchasing offers to FacebooK. Vitrue Analytics is Interesting that they sell analytics as a completely different platform.  There have to be basic analytics baked into other products.  Top Engaged Users.  Strictly on Facebook based on number of posts, number of comments, post engagement rates, fan growth, measuring reach, negative sentiment.  Yes, they’re focused on Facebook – they support posting to Twitter, but Vitrue Analytics only support Facebook and Google Plus. Competitive advantage is in Publisher, they support Google Plus (is this a competitive advantage? More compact interface in publisher for viewing scheduled posts.  Helpful for brands who post a lot/have a wide audience.  Customer base is composed of upper level of enterprise (consumer-facing) brands such as McDonald’s, Lowes, Amex, and Frito-Lay.


———————————————————————————————————-QUANTITATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOLS (Tracking and Analytics)


This site peruses blogs, microblogs, search engines, social networks and even
video to see what people are saying about your brand and provides numerical analysis
to help you understand what it all means


Designed for PR gurus, this tool gives you instant access to TV, print,
online and social media content that is relevant to your brand’s reputation, your industry, or your competition.


This monitoring tool scours the entire web, not just social channels, to collect
digital content about your brand. Their findings are then presented a unique 3D Virtualization that allows you to quickly find the information that is relevant to you and your brand.


This monitoring and engagement tool provides you with a dashboard of analyzed data on what people are saying about your brand and helps companies delegate responses and workflow.


Though it’s not strictly speaking a social media tool, setting up Google
Alerts for your name, your company name and your products this simple step will help
keep you in the loop.


Their “Social Sense” product line offers simple social media listening tools to monitor what is being said about your brand and your industry. One unique
product is their “Social Sense TV” , which allows you to survey the buzz surrounding
specific TV shows so that you can make your traditional media spend more efficient.


This ubiquitous URL shortened not only makes it easier to share links, it also allows you track your own links (or your competitors) by simply adding a + to the end of any URL.  The feature will let you view how many clicks you’ve received, top referrers, and the location of the clicks.


Publishing, Engagement, Analytics, Collaboration, Social ROI, Automation, Social Sharing, and Social CRM.  Their competitive advantage: Increase your efficiency, prove your value, collaborate, rock-solid platform.  The Pricing: 300/month for a marketer, 400/month for a marketer, 1,100/month for a marketer.  The customer base: Uservoice, Grasshopper, Bronto, WhatCounts, UNC Developments.  Argyle Social: Aggregates your social media accounts, Argyle Social analyzes only hard numbers and direct outcomes of your campaigns. If you’re interested in monitoring trends and sentiment, this management tool may be for you. In addition to aggregating your social media accounts, Argyle Social analyzes hard numbers and direct outcomes of your campaigns.


Solution to offer our clients that would not only help them streamline their social media marketing but also have the ability to market their company to current and future customers on many of the social media channels and websites. With Objective Marketer software you can post to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and others, but the marketing power doesn’t stop there. Let Marketing Hits build custom Objective Marketer has landing pages for your Twitter posts. By using these landing pages you can build brand recognition, drive traffic to your website or video, get more people to follow you, and more.  Competitive advantage is that social media software is the ability to analyze page views, website traffic, click-through rates, and retweets.  Objective Marketer analyzes how people have interacted with the content you have posted.  By measuring clicks, views, likes, and mores discover trends and finds out what is working for your brand.


Secure web application that delivers real-time media monitoring and provides the tools and intelligence you need to paint a complete picture of your PR success.  Competitive advantage: media monitoring, communication management, reporting.  Customer base: Many high-profile corporations – including Wells Fargo, Anglo American, the Center for Responsible Lending and The Royal Bank of Canad, scotia bank, McDonalds.  Gives you instant access to TV print, online and social media content that is relevant to your brand’s reputation, you industry, or your competition.


Offers a dashboard that manages all of your social media applications, monitors communication, and provides analytics based on actionable measures so you can see the true ROI of your actions.


Competitive advantage is that it’s a Preferred Marketing Developer Program.  Customer base: More than 250 customers in 35 countries, Serve customers in a wide range of industries including marketing and social media agencies, Nonprofit organizations, Retailers, Technology providers, Consumer Packaged Goods, Insurance Agencies, Media companies, and more, Named one of the 5 Superior Social Media Management Systems by Mashable, Named one of 22 Social Media Marketing Management Tools by Top Rank Blog, Highlighted in the Altimeter Group’s report A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation, Introduced Facebook Application Management functionality in 2012, Governing member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association – View, Member of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program.  Spredfast strives to track and measures your campaign’s effectiveness based on content output, how many people were reached and if they were engaged.  They also offer a benchmarking feature that allows you to compare the effectiveness of your campaign against other strategies in your industry or against similar companies in different industries to see where you stack up.This platform is all about the analytics. Spredfast tracks and measures your campaign’s effectiveness based on content output, how many people were reached and if they were engaged. They also offer a benchmarking feature that allows you to compare the effectiveness of your campaign against other strategies in your industry or against similar campaigns in different industries to see where you stack up.


Scans an impressive number of social networks, news sites, blogs, discussion boards and video and photo sharing sites in order to find out what people are saying about your brand in these channels.  The data is analyzed and delivered to your dashboard, complete with presentation ready graphs.  Listen, measure social media, engage, discover, applications.  Competitive advantage: Insights, Pricing, Professional Services, Mobile, Social Enterprise, API and Extensions, Summary Dashboard, Social Enterprise.  Pricing: Business-600/month, Standard-1800/month, Advanced-4100/month, Pro-10,000/month


The social listening too pulls information from traditional media, social media, and proprietary data to provide insight, identify influencers and answer your specific market research questions.


Measures how much people are engaging with your social media content.  Swix shows you your performance on over 70 distinct audience and engagement metrics across 20 of the most popular social media platforms.




Aggregates, manage and monitors your social media activity, with a focus on hard numbers and measurable outcomes.  They also have a Tweet-to-lead tool, which allows you to turn all tweets in Salesforce leads and a mobile component that allows you to receive SMS updates or even text updates to your accounts.  Very similar to CoTweet.  Tweet, schedule tweets, manage replies, assign replies, reply to searches, etc.  Discover, Engage, Support, and Market.  Crappy UI and Competitive advantage.  Differentiating on price, not product.  Caches tweets so not dependent on Twitter – do other clients do this?  Email alerts for keywords – do other clients do this?  Pricing is $5/user/month.  The Customer base can claim to be for the enterprise, but most enterprises would likely pay a higher premium for a more established tool.  Therefore the more realistic customer base is SMBs.


Identify prospects, acquire loyal customers, measure social impact and optimize social media campaigns.  Customer engagement. Understanding what motivates their social customer, focused on SM mgmt. for large enterprises. Provide consulting, monitoring and moderation, community and campaign management, implementation services.  Customer base: large enterprises, ie. Virgin America.  3 of the top 10 global technology companies.  3 of the top 5 retailers.  One of the world’s foremost apparel lifestyle brands.  One of the world’s top 5 consumer electronics companies.  The world’s most social airline. A professional-grade social media management company, Sprinklr is a one
click publisher, social listening tool and analytics team all rolled into one. They help
agencies, B2C companies and B2B companies identify prospects, acquire loyal customers, measure social impact and optimize social media campaigns.


Allows you to build your presence, engaging with your customers to measuring your impact.  Features ecommerce for Facebook, email marketing and mobile solutions. is the “Enterprise Social Marketing Platform.”  More than a basic Twitter client to just respond and tweet.  Publish Push to FB, Twitter, all networks from one place (just like everyone else).  Engage and Measure.  Seems like heavy competition with Vitrue.  Push updates to a segmented Facebook audience by location.  You can build custom Facebook page designs.  What is Like-gating Competitive advantage?

Check out this article for creating awesome infographics!: 


Between ScrOOn’s three products, you can monitor and manage multiple social media channels, add social components like customer reviews, games and surveys
to your existing digital properties, and drive people from your social media accounts to
your website.


This service pulls data from over 100 million online sources to find out the buzz about your brand. Within the same console you can aggregate and respond to social media mentions, create team workflows, and access key metrics and analytics.


This service allows you to listen to what people are saying about your
brand, but cuts out all of the noise that may not be relevant to you. Additionally, MutualMind helps you manage your campaign with one-click publishing and a framework for multiple team members to coordinate through.


In addition to monitoring and publishing to your social networks, Avenue Social builds Facebook applications, fan pages and mobile apps, and analyzes the
effects of all of your social media efforts, to boot!


Their product, Studio, helps create and monitor campaigns and social buzz,
manages workflow amongst your team, and helps identify and organize influencers
based on what channels they are active in and their interests.


Keep an eye on your competitors. Watch what they’re doing, steal some of their good ideas and put your own spin on them. Over time you’ll build a friendly relationship with some of them and they may actually link to your stuff, you should do the same. There’s a link economy when it comes to blogs and it’s built on sharing each other’s stuff, it helps make your own content stronger and more well rounded and vice versa. Using a tool like TrendSpottr for real-time viral content discovery can also help to identify emerging stories that have high viral potential and engagement. It identifies the top trending content (links, hashtags, sources) for any keyword, topic or even Twitter list URL. GT example, this is a link to find the most trending content about Syria in real time. For HootSuite users, TrendSpottr is also available in HootSuite’s new App Directory. Useful overview videos also available. Use Storify to combine different types of social content and add context between them to make it more understandable in a narrative format. Use to help verify reports and tweets you see on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Follow @StoryfulPro on Twitter to see alerts, curated Twitter Lists and links to verified content on Requests and questions can be sent to Storyful’s global team of curators 24/7 on

Consider offering readers a way to ask questions and receive a video answer. There’s ways to explain via video that you can’t quite get across via text. One recommendation is to use something like Answers can be archived and accessed by other readers. Can eventually act as an FAQ. SiloBraker: Very useful tool that allows to dynamically build a network of topics and people, starting from a simple search. It gives also direct access to all the information published worldwide and captured in the network. For example searching: “Apple Inc” you will find interesting articles linking both Apple and Android or with the supply chain workers.

Tweriod and Buffer helps you find the best time to tweet.  Tweriod analyzes your tweets and your followers’ tweets to give you the best time and day of the week to tweet to get the highest visibility for your content.  This will help you share your content more effectively.



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