See how many people are participating, liking stories or leaving comments.¬† It was originally focused on providing metrics for the planning of Facebook Ad campaigns by Page owners, but it has been steadily increasing its scope to include feedback to Open Graph partners. ¬†In addition to activity and demographics on Page usage, it can now provide feedback regarding social plugins such as Likes and Comments. ¬†Sites can track their Like activity and can determine which components are most productive. ¬†Sites using the comment plugin can also see impressions, a number of comments and the number of times that the comments were seen and clicked on Facebook.¬† Facebook Insights¬†provides administrators with the ‚ÄúFriends of Fans‚ÄĚ metric, telling admins just how many people they can potentially reach organically.¬† Friends of fans are extremely important ‚ÄĒ they are more likely to visit a brand‚Äôs Facebook Page or website, purchase a brand‚Äôs products and become fans themselves.¬† Organically, these Facebook fans can easily be reached through the Facebook Ticker, which tracks all user activity.¬† Keep your fans interacting with your brand, and their friends will see all ‚Äúliking‚ÄĚ activity, comments and posts in the top right of their news feed.

Klout Score for Facebook

  • Mentions:¬†Mention of your name in a post indicates engagement with you directly.
  • Likes:¬†The simplest action that shows engagement with the content you create.
  • Comments:¬†As reactions to content you share, comments also reflect direct engagement by your network.
  • Subscribers:¬†Subscriber count is a more persistent measure of influence that grows over time.
  • Wall Posts:¬†Posts to your wall indicate both influence and engagement.
  • Friends:¬†Friend count measures the reach of your network but is less important than how your network engages with your content

For direct response creative, it is best to keep to one focal point, use a strong call-to-action, and create an emotional reward. Audience Insights, Facebook Insights, and Facebook Analytics for Apps can help you better understand the demographics of your most engaged audiences.¬†The best practices for conversion optimization on direct responses ads are setting different bids for low and high lifetime value users, bidding your true value, and Increasing your bid if you’re willing to pay more per objective.¬†A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets advertisers find their existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.

See Clicks To Websites for Ads.

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