CRM Data

Email, phone numbers, iOS IDFAs, Android Advertising IDs, app user IDs

  • Can be used for all objectives — acquisition, retention, re-engagement
  • Can mirror current efforts in email and direct mail
  • Can be used to measure the incremental value you receive from Facebook
  • Note:Additional match keys are available via the API and your Facebook Marketing Partners

Intent Data

People from your website, people from your mobile app

  • Can be used for acquisition, cross-selling and upselling
  • Can be used to automatically reach people based on specific actions taken on your website or mobile app
  • Can be used to remarket to people based on intent

What you can do with this data

  • Can be used for targeting your audience
  • Can be used as a seed for creating lookalike audiences
  • Can be used for exclusion targeting (i.e. for when you want to exclude an audience you may not want to reach with a campaign)
  • Implement the Facebook pixel on your website and/or the Facebook SDK in your mobile app to target people based on intent. With Custom Audiences, you can target people based on the specific actions taken on your website or mobile app and reach them on Facebook and Instagram.Remarket to people who abandoned their shopping cart with messaging that drives them back to purchase. Or cross-sell or upsell to people who recently purchased items on your website or mobile app.
  • 47% reduction in cost per acquisition using Custom Audiences from website retargeting
  • 50% lower monthly sales conversion costs using Facebook Ads compared to other marketing channels
  • About 15% of overall sales come from Facebook Ads
  • More than 37% higher value sales on website from Facebook visitors, compared to overall average from all channels


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