A business can share their ad report by exporting the data as a .xls fileAny role can access reports and adjust key metrics within ads manager. A business can’t edit their ad’s image, text, video, or links in Ads Manager if they choose to boost your posts or promote your page. An Ad’s relevance score is based on how the ad is performing and other factors, including positive and negative feedback. Please use the text overlay tool, found here, to determine if your ad’s reach may be reduced by too much text on the ad image before you run your ad. Ad policies for content, creative, and targeting. Note: In India, certain states and union territories have their own age restrictions. Click here for a complete list of targeting restrictions for alcohol ads.

A business will know their ad has been disapproved by receiving an email that explains why the ad wasn’t approved. Two policies a business must follow in regards to landing page destinations: A business can’t direct people to the Facebook homepage ( or lead people to a site that’s under construction. The landing page must also function in all web browsers.

Ads with photos

  • Recommended image size: 1200 x 627 pixels
  • Text: We recommend not using more than 20% text
  • Character count: 90 characters max

On mobile devices with a screen size of 1136 x 640 pixels:

  • Image display: 560 x 292 pixels
  • App name title: 1 line, 32 characters
  • Character count: 90 characters max

Ads with videos

  • Recommended thumbnail size: Your thumbnail image will show on your ad when the video is not playing. It should be at least 1200 x 720 pixels.
  • Text: We recommend not using more than 20% text
  • Video size: 1080 pixels
  • Video ratio: 16:9
  • Video file size: Less than 1GB in .mov format
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Character count: 90 characters max

On mobile devices with a screen size of 1136 x 640 pixels:

  • Image displays: 560 x 292 pixels
  • App name title: 1 line, 32 characters
  • Character count: 90 characters max


Marquee campaigns are ideal when driving mass awareness and high frequency are critical for your business objectives.

If your goal is to drive mass awareness and reach a broad audience, you should leverage Marquee campaigns. Marquee is a high-impact, single-day campaign offering guaranteed impressions and the ability to reach a broad audience up to 3 times in one day. Marquee campaigns can be purchased through Insertion Orders by contacting your Facebook representative. The Facebook multicultural targeting solution is based on affinity, not ethnicity. This provides advertisers with an opportunity to serve highly relevant ad content to affinity-based audiences.

Language-Based Targeting

You can choose to target the whole US Hispanic Affinity group, or you can target with more precision in terms of language preference.

  • Bilingual: 11 million monthly average users
  • Spanish dominant: 13 million monthly average users
  • English dominant: 7 million monthly average users

Direct Response Measurement Solutions

It’s quite easy to begin targeting a multicultural audience in your campaign. In creating or editing the target audience for your Ad Set in Power Editor, choose > Demographics > Ethnic Affinity. Then select your desired group to add them to your audience. Facebook’s Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) lets you make your app social by allowing people to seamlessly integrate your content with their Facebook profiles. To take advantage of our advanced measurement and optimization tools access our Facebook Developer’s site. Let’s go over the following solutions that can help you measure the impact that Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns have on your online and offline conversions:

  • Conversion Lift
  • Device Subscriber Lift (DSL)
  • Offline Conversion Measurement
  • Third-Party Conversion Measurement
  • Datalogix ROI
  • Marketing Mix Models (MMM)
Conversion Lift

Measuring for lift is our solution to the cross-device measurement problem.

How It Works
Conversion Lift allows you to hold out a random sample of people into a control group and not show them your Facebook or Instagram ad, and then look at the difference in purchases between this control group and the test group who did see the ad. These purchases can be tracked either from a Facebook pixel if the customer is online, or from CRM data; and then the purchases can be matched to Facebook and Instagram data if the customer made an offline purchase.

Device and Subscriber Lift (DSL)

This solution is used by telecommunications and technology advertisers to measure new device sales or new wireless carrier subscribers driven by Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

How It Works
Before your campaign starts, people in your target audience are randomly assigned into ad exposure (test) and control groups. By comparing these groups, we can report the incremental sales and the return on ad spend from your campaign.

This solution is used by retail, auto, and entertainment advertisers to measure the in-store/multichannel conversion lift. This measurement solution ties media impression data (from Facebook and Instagram) to transaction data (from the advertiser) to perform a lift analysis.

It can help advertisers answer questions like:

  • Did the ads increase in-store conversions?
  • Did the ads drive sales across the entire store?
  • Did the ads drive sales in a particular department or category?
  • Did the ads drive sales of an existing or newly launched product?

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