Business Manager is a tool to help businesses and agencies manage their Facebook Pages, ad accounts and apps in one place.

The Business Manager tool allows agencies and advertisers to centrally manage different permission levels for team members working on ad accounts or Pages.

  • Business Owners – You should use Business Manager to manage your company’s presence on Facebook if you:
    • Have multiple ad accounts and manage more than three Pages, or
    • Work with partners and clients, or
    • Manage and advertise for apps
  • Partners – We recommend that your clients each create their own Business Managers and then invite the people at your agency to work on specific Pages or accounts. Or, you can request access to the Pages or ad accounts you want to work on. Learn more about what roles are available to request in the Business Manager Roles module. Partners generally should not create a Business Manager to hold all of their client Pages and ad accounts, because this can make it very difficult for a client to regain access to their Pages and ad accounts if they switch agencies.
  • Create one Business Manager for each line of credit or currency.
  • If the company operates in a way that is siloed, with limited transparency across lines of businesses (brands, divisions, regions), create one Business Manager for each line of business.
  • If the company has open transparency across lines of businesses, create one Business Manager and use projects to organize business assets for teams within a single business. Business assets include Pages, ad accounts, apps, product catalogs, Instagram accounts, etc.
Based on your Page role selections, the Editor role would be most suitable for you. Here’s a breakdown of all roles for you to get a sense of your role in comparison to others:
Admin Editor Moderator Advertiser Analyst
Manage Admin Roles & Page Settings X
Edit the Page and Add Apps X X
Create Posts as the Page and Delete Posts X X
Respond to and Delete Comments X X X
Send Messages as the Page X X X
Create Ads or Promote X X X X
Edit and Share Product Catalogs, Pixels, or Custom Audiences X X X
View Insights X X X X X


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