Look to Jasper’s Market. Whether it’s a coupon or redemption of a free item, consider including an incentive in the ad creative. People are more likely to share their personal information with you if they are given something in return. Include Your Value Proposition in the ad copy is the perfect place for you to share your value proposition. Let people know how they will benefit from filling out the form.

Each month, more than 550 million people use Facebook Events to connect with their friends and family, and businesses and social organizers use Events to connect with customers.

By creating a Facebook Event through your business Page, you’ll be able to unlock features that can help you achieve your business goals. Features include the ability to include a URL to your ticketing website, tools to promote your event, and access to in-depth metrics about how your event is performing. You must have a ticket URL to create event ads. You can create an ad by clicking Boost Event on your event page on desktop or mobile. f you’re familiar with Ads Manager, click Promote Ticket Sales in the More drop-down menu on your event page.

If you’re a Page admin for other businesses (Ex. artists, promoters, venues) that are involved with your event, you can add them as co-hosts of your event. This can help expand the reach of your event, and allows others to help you keep the event details and event Wall up to date. Amount Spent/Leads gives you the right cost-per-lead baseline. Note: All co-hosts will have the same editing permissions as you.

If you’re selling tickets to your event, we strongly suggest that you include a URL to the ticketing website in the Ticket URL field. This makes it easier for people to purchase tickets and you’ll enable additional features, including ads optimized to drive ticket sales.
Include a Ticket Link Completed. Before your event: Post interesting content to the event to build buzz, get people excited, and communicate important updates about your event.

During the event: Give updates and encourage late-goers to attend. After the event: Help attendees share highlights by posting photos or messages thanking people for attending and letting them know about your next event.

Taking advantage of the traffic you get on your business’s website and add a Page plugin. People can then discover and interact with your Facebook Events directly on your website. Any changes you make to the event on your Facebook Page are then automatically updated on your website.You can learn more on how to install a Page Plugin here.  Create a unique QR code for your event to use in promotional materials like printed flyers, posters, email announcements, and more. This QR code will direct users to your Facebook event so they can easily share it with their friends and mark themselves as Interested or Going.

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