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  1. What behind-the-scenes glimpses can you share?
  2. What’s interesting about your business’s work process?
  3. What can you teach viewers?
  4. Her strategy creates the opportunity for her audience to benefit from her expertise while learning about her product. As a result, Vanessa’s how-to videos double as marketing videos for her products and classes.
  5. What is your business?
  6. Do you sell one product or many different products? Do you manufacture the product(s) you sell yourself?
  7. Do you sell electronic or downloadable products (i.e.- eBooks, original songs, etc.)?
  8. Do you sell your services? If so, what kind?
  9. Where do you sell your products/services? In an online store or a brick & mortar store? Or both?
  10. Introductory videos to introduce your business and product
  11. How-to videos or demos
  12. A behind-the-scenes video of how you create your products or deliver your services
  13. Q&A videos to your most frequently asked questions
  14. Video testimonials from your clients
  15. Viewers can see the presenter’s eyes, which is important for audience engagement
  16. The audio quality is good, so viewers can listen comfortably
  17. Videos are properly identified and well-organized.
  18. Q&A videos to your most frequently asked questions
  19. Videos of how your product or service has benefited specific business clients
  20. Watch at least 10 videos in your industry and note the following items for each:
  21. What did you like?
  22. What didn’t you like?
  23. What caught your attention?
  24. How many views do the videos have? If the video is popular, why?  If it’s not, what is it missing?
  25. How many comments does each video have?
  26. How old are the videos?
  27. Does the video’s creator have a YouTube channel?
  28. How well-represented is your industry on YouTube?

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