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Google+ 300 million active users


Your business name ranks higher in Google search when you have a G+ business page. Google+ allows you to target your network in Circles, get increased SEO across the web, and has no maximum post limitation.Use your tagline as your 30-second elevator pitch, and really work in those keywords. Add website and other social networks in the Links section. Including your keywords in your About Info is the #1 tactic you can do in G+ to increase your SEO. Use Google Analytics or other website traffic tracking tools to understand what keywords people use to find your website. Think about how people look for you online. Use their language, not yours.  Check out GOOGLE+ guide for new users to get started.


Google+ is different because it affects the search based on circles. Search for your industry by typing Industry: site: “YOUR INDUSTRY.” You can do the same tactic with location and competitors. What did you find? How well-represented is your industry on Google+? Did you find your clients or colleagues here?  You can get updated on the latest happenings in your industry on Google+ by searching for your biggest competitors. What industry events are coming up? Search for those to find out the latest about registration, speakers, and how you can get involved.  Finally, search for the latest news about topics essential to your business: merchant accounts, shopping carts, whatever is crucial to your business model.


Build your own strategic network inside Google+ by searching within Google+ for people in your industry and adding them to your Circles. Create a list of the top people you want to have in your strategic network and search for them in Google+. Add them to your Circles and now you’re ready to engage with them! Once you start finding people you want to connect with on Google+, you can add them to a circle.  Circles allow you to organize people into similar groups on Google+, and lie at the heart of this social network. They are also a hugely powerful way of increasing your SEO outside of Google+ in Google search results.  Circles are a way of organizing your connections, reading their posts, and writing posts to them. No other social network offers this capability.  Follow the 50 People Who Share the Most Interesting Posts on Google+ for other ideas.

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There is no limit to post length. You can send posts to specific Circles, individuals, or to the Public. You can easily format posts that include multimedia in your posts with photos, videos, and link-friendly content.  Check out this cheat sheet for more in depth information.  Here are some great examples of longer formatted posts in Google+ (please note I selected these based on their length and formatting, not on their content):

Use the Google Keyword Tool to search for your most popular keyword terms. You can go after smbs who are interested in carrying your services, owners who want to buy your services, fellow consultants for networking and joint ventures, and local businesses also for networking and supporting local ventures.


Allows you to write a post mentioning someone in your Circles, and Google+ notifies them of your post. It’s an excellent way to generate engagement around your posts. A hashtag is a search term that identifies your post’s topic, making it easily searched for in Google+ and in


Offer the ability to do live video chat with up to 10 people for free.  SEO Hangouts are great for learning SEO.  Using Hangouts is fun and both convenient for talking to people across the globe.  See the Google Help Resource page for learning more. You can host Hangouts on with AirGoogle+ that gives you the ability to hold a live video event, live stream it to the world, record it, and get the recording for free.  Hold a live press conference, a live talk show with an unlimited audience, Live stream your next class, lecture, or workshop, Live customer support, Instant expert interviews, start vlogging, or live stream a keynote address.


linking your website to your Google+ page.Use a Google+ Button so people can add you to their Google+ Circles just by clicking the button. They don’t have to go to Google+, search for your name, see if they have the right person, click on your profile, and add you to their circle. What are the others? People in your Circles see your website and blog posts higher in Google searching engine rankings. People can easily find your website directly from your Google+ page.  Google creates a wikipedia-style listing in Google search when people in your Circles are looking for you on the web. Add a GOOGLE+1 to your website.


Way for you to identify who has shared a post and how large their audience is. You can view Ripples on anyone’s public posts, not just your own. View posts from the people in your Circles and look for Public posts with a large number of shares. Click View Ripples and see who shared the post with a large audience. Is that someone you’d like to connect with? If so, add them to one of your Circles.

Search for:

Because anytime someone clicks on the +1, it’s a public endorsement of their content, ad, or products, and it raises their search engine rankings. Increases your SEO anytime someone clicks on the +1 button on your site. Bookmarks websites or blog posts on the web and organizes them under the +1′s area of your Google+ profile. Allows you to endorse Google+ posts (similar to the Facebook “Like”)


The Ultimate Guide to Google+ SEO to get started.

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