Have you ever noticed our painters from history told a story along with their canvas?  That’s what Facebook Canvas Unit should be for you as a Facebook artist.  It uses pre-caches content, so it loads and displays quickly within Facebook. It also provides a more real estate for your creative, and the opportunity for people to see and explore more of your products. This component is an accordion comprised of collapsible content panels containing display text. Select the item titles to toggle the visibility of these content panels. This is music to advertiser’s ears to tell compelling brand and product stories on mobile in ways that are enjoyable for people and effective for their businesses.

Remember that it all starts with a Link Ad. How and what will you use as “the hook” to draw your audience in?

The Canvas is the experience itself. Tell a story about different types of media assets. Think about the sequencing of components like a storyboard for a YouTube video. Arrange your media/components visually and cinematically. Think about how you want to guide your audience through the interactive journey. Add a call-to-action button be in the final frame of your Canvas or in between? Where do you want it to link to?

Use the Canvas Builder tool to create your Canvas. You can access Canvas Builder from your Page’s composer, from the Publishing Tools section of your Page, or from Power Editor.

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