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Shoot the hooch ????

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Instagram video is¬†flowing…

The Instagram community now has over 500 million monthly active users with over 300 million of those Instagramers visiting the app every single day. When it comes to content production, people contribute over 95 million photos and videos everyday. 150% increase in time spent watching video on Instagram in past six months. The Instagram community is truly global in scope, with 80%+ of the community outside of the US.

Marketers can use videos to show your followers things that cannot be conveyed with a photo alone. For example, a clothing store gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at how they make their tshirts, sharing a more dynamic and complete view than a still image could. Be sure your video offers something special to your followers. Feature something that they care about, and share something that makes your video worth watching. This music studio’s sneak peak video gives followers a preview of their upcoming music. Or how about live footage at a concert or sporting event? Ask followers to take action in some way; this is the best way to encourage engagement!

Dj coco es loco tio. #kepnerlostinwanderlust

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In ABC Family’s video, Brett Dier asks people to follow him on Twitter and send him tweets that night. Make it relevant to your brand and ask your followers to answer a question, comment or engage in some other way. Include relevant hashtags in the caption. Come up with ideas for future videos and create a timeline for adding them periodically. You can then use your instagram videos and embed them on your website or in blog posts by reading up  here. The customized visual content you create with Instagram can go on to engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter, and you can even share it by email.

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